Wamma It’s Just a Thought

Do you know what I feel
when I feel your love?

Now, picture a warm bed
on a cold night
the window creaking
I, craving a breeze,
unbolt its captivity
and I freeze
My shoulders cringe
Needing me to spread my wings.

And I lie facing the sky; eyes open, soon closed;
And the wind -fanning my cheeks-
massages my lips and I bite the lower lip and I taste it
like a passion of wild fire
my feet lifted high
feeling like… like…

I – I can’t even sigh and

and suddenly the wind blows cold
and I need to feel warm, no –I –I need to feel hot
on a furnace to roast me under

now picture a


do you know what I feel
when I feel your love?

Strange things whisper in my ears
Voices of karma
Sounds of Sutra
My vision becomes blurry
I see nothing here
But I feel you everywhere

pity my tears! my captivity!
I need your arms to unbolt me
and fuel my fire

I want to make love
I want to fight
I want to clash your lips into mine
I want to walk into your fire
and drown into your skin


to save me from me.

now picture


Wamma It’s Just a Thought is one of the poems in the recently launched  poetry collection, The Headline That Morning and Other Poems

The Headline That Morning and Other Poems is a poetry collection by myself, Peter Kagayi and published by Sooo Many Stories. There are 50 poems in the book with wide-ranging themes, from love and disillusionment to politics and to social commentary.

Alongside the book is a CD with 15 of the 50 poems in the book performed by me ft Hawa N Kimbugwe. The book was launched on June 2016 at the National Theatre with an event to talking about the marriage of music and poetry.

Th Headline That Morning and Other Poems (book and CD) are available at BookPoint (Village Mall), The National Theatre (Box Office), Uganda Bookshop, Uganda Museum and you can also buy from the Sooo Many Stories website/text 0783261909 for deliveries.

In Kenya, TheMagunga Bookstore is the place to go

What others say about the book:

“Peter’s poetry collection mirrors the past, the present and the future with rich imagery that is both profound and entrancing. It journeys between the scintillatingly funny and the poignant; it both regales and rouses us to look searchingly at the realities of our contemporary lives, including love, politics, religion, and neo-colonialism. It is provocative; it is captivating. It is a delightfully executed first.”

Joshua Mmali – Former BBC Uganda Correspondent and author of The Bad Friends (children’s novel)The Betrothal (drama), and Voices from the Sea (a collection of poems).


Written by Kagayi Ngobi (1)

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