True Love is beyond physicals

Lady Juicy, a well-known preacher of love, is taking the time to spread the gospel of true love in a relationship. This type of love can’t be found where it doesn’t exist nor can it be denied where it does. So, this is to sensitize the nation about the tips of maintaining true love, such that married couples and single lovers can stop saying true love doesn’t exist, and to stop that thinking that if you’re to love someone, you should depend on one only reason.

Many people have failed to find true lovers because they are impatient yet it takes some time to develop true love. Others enter a relationship when they are not ready for the commitment, they do this just because they are lonely.

It’s good to enter a relationship when you are ready for it, because in love everything happens for a reason. It can either annoy you and get your heart broken or it can make you happier, as your percentage of loving increases. There’s one good thing about true love! We forgive and forget and it gives you second chances.

In this type of a relationship, you’re supposed to hate the mistakes not the person. Whenever you quarrel or fight remember that you are not enemies.

Most lovers want already-made things like the car, big business, house etc. While others love physical appearance. Loving these shallow things, can cause divorce, misunderstandings, or breakups. If you want true love you have to look past the shallow things. If you’re a man, you could get married to a woman with a lovely figure, but after giving birth, her figure will disappear, her breasts will fall. So do you give up because the thing you loved about her has disappeared? And if you’re a lady and you got married because of the materials you never worked for; you don’t know the history of it. He could drive you in an expensive car, sleep in a powerful flat but all of this is on loan. And if he fails to pay the loan back and all his property is repossessed, do you stop living with him, or do you leave him?


If you get married because of true love, problems bring you closer. If an egg is broken by an outside force, love ends, if broken by an inside force, love begins. True and great love starts from inside the heart. You don’t fall in love, but you grow in love. Therefore, problems don’t separate true lovers but remind them of the reasons why they love each other.

Also, don’t expect someone to love you completely if you can’t love yourself fully. Lovers should get married or marry love and be proud of someone who is proud of you. Make your relationship a triangle, with God at the top, your partner and yourself. If you want to end up with the best, you have to be the best yourself.

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Written by Lady Juicy (1)

Nabuzale Babra aka Lady Juicy who preaches the gospel of love.

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