Top Gear Crew attempt to find the Source of the Nile (Part 2)

Top Gear Season 19 Episode 7 (Africa Special Part 2)

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The Top Gear crew were in Uganda sometime in October last year to film a special episode of the popular show. The clip shows part two of the show (you can view the first part from here) and I am personally very happy with how it turned out.

The crew of Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond were their usual clumsy, don’t-take-this-too-seriously selves and all in all, I think it is a good watch. My highlights from this episode are:

  • The river crossing was very entertaining. I can’t believe the production crew sunk the back up car. I wonder if anyone was fired over that. But if you keep in mind how they treat the rest of the cars on their challenges, I highly doubt. What kind of budget do these guys work with?
  • The waving kids in Burundi brought back some memories. I used to be one of those kids that used to wave at every car that passed by. Sometimes I would even chase them for a bit. Sigh, good memories.
  • The way they described the American tourists. Lol, literally. I am always amused by how pensioner tourists go about their business. They always look like they just stepped out of a time capsule.
  • The final race to the source of the Nile which one of them finally won(I am not a spoiler like that) was a fitting ending. The thought of my kids being taught in their history lessons that one of the Top Gear guys found the source of the Nile is quite a disturbing one though.
  • When James May said, “I am gonna put my hand on my heart and say that this is the best top gear adventure we have ever had. Its a noble quest in a truly stunningly beautiful country full of utterly  hospitable people!‘ I almost jumped off my seat to start singing the national anthem!

There was a bit of controversy when Ugandans discovered an article that Jeremy Clarkson wrote way back in 2011 about him and his daughters tour of Uganda. It is a disheartening article to read and suffice to say, I lost a bit of admiration for Jeremy. I have since gotten over myself and accepted that no one is perfect and Uganda does have its dark side. The man might have exaggerated a bit but he still knows how to present a good show. So watch it and I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did.

Feel free to share with us what your highlights were in the comment section.

Image Source: Top Gear America


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Top Gear Crew attempt to find the Source of the Nile

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