Talking about this topic vividly reminds me of friend in her late thirties who was getting desperate for a man to settle down with. She had met them all, tall and short, rich and poor, white and black, ugly and handsome but nobody measured up to what she wanted. She was not ready to relent on certain features she had always dreamt of as a young girl growing up. To be precise, she wanted a tall man, well educated and wealthy but sadly, those who qualified in terms of height were lacking in one or two of the above. She got so desperate, almost into a depression. One day she went for a single retreat at Nabinonya camping site and while there, a Pastor roared in a prophetic tone, “ I see a sister here who is about to get a man for marriage but she is not putting her faith into practice. Go buy a suit, a shirt and shoes for fitting the description of the man you want to get married to and hang it in your bedroom. Before you go to bed, remind God that you want a man in those clothes. Do the same when you walk up in the morning.” She went a bought a suit for a tall man and the fitting shoes and did as advised by the pastor. She prayed and waited until you entered menopause. She has since given up and resorted to drinking.That background brings me to the question many have been asking, does size really matter in a relationship or it is just a mindset that anyone can overcome. I think love supersedes them all, I would rather have a short man who loves me but not a tall one who is going to turn me into a punching bag, one that will forget his fatherly duties. First of all size is the over dimension of something or the physical height of a human being so a human being is either short or tall. In love we don’t always look at the height as the key point but because “love” comes in different forms like lust, attraction and attachment. There are those that will get attracted to you because you are short while others will do so because you are tall, the others are secondary. You cannot have a person with all the traits that you desire unless you are dealing with a ghost, you lose some, you gain some, that is the law of love, it’s the law of life. Even if other lovers under look short people because they claim short lovers are treated with less respect, finding a romantic lover especially for short men is difficult, others don’t believe that short lovers can be hot, they think they are sexually short and they cannot enjoy a blowing kiss if one of them is taller. So people end up imagining everything about a short lover is short.Humanly speaking, we easily forget that one man’s meat is another man’s poison ” there are those who feel being short is a blessing because life is so sweet but too short like their height. Shorter people don’t resemble their age there are always seen younger. Shorter lovers are easy to lift when enjoying outings, short men save alot because women don’t expect much from them since they are short even their pockets are short.It’s not the size of a dog in the fight but it’s the size of the fight in the dog referring to a small dog attacking a larger animal so this means fierceness is not necessarily a matter of physical size but rather mental / psychological attitude. As a short guy says! Don’t look at my size and don’t judge my actions by my appearance because being short means being able to sleep in a bed of any size. S so am fitting I don’t stress you to look for a king bed like tall guys therefore my feelings for you as my lover speak louder than my height hence I don’t need a long foot to foot a long journey. You are not marrying me for a beauty contest but for companionship. As lady juicy’s love proverb says “Nothing impossible in health love just the nature of impotent to import it’s importance”In illustrating this love-size issue, imagine the guy who auditions for a music contest and believes he can win, though he can’t sing a note and never rehearses.  He is blind to his lack of talent because in his head he believes he is a star just waiting to be discovered. Compare him to the guy who has an incredible voice but doesn’t fully believe in himself and his talent. Indeed it is possible to find a tall guy who cannot move a woman yet a short one will throw you off your feet with his high esteem. In order to have a successful relationship, you don’t need an incredible size.  Nor do you need to be showy about the value you bring to the table for a searching lady.  All it takes is the ability to feel good without unreasonable demands for attention from your partner. A tall guy can easily imagine that his height will speak the language that the ladies want to hear. Self-esteem comes from how you interact with others.  Having others appreciate your strengths will build your self-esteem irrespective of your height. Sometimes you first have to establish or discover your fine qualities so as to know what you really want in life and what value you are adding.  Self-esteem should naturally occur as you have success in life.  If you haven’t had wins or were criticized growing up, sometimes you don’t have what you need to feel good about yourself. As humans, we think by stepping on other people self-esteem, it increases our own but that is not the case.  To be successful in a relationship, you probably don’t have to remember what you were asked to pick up (at least not every time) you just want to make enough good decisions so you can honestly feel great about yourself and what you have to offer your partner. As Shakespeare says in sonnet 116, love is “an ever-fixed mark / that looks on tempests and is never shaken.”As a means of encouraging us to expand the scope of our attention, the 20th-century philosopher Bernard Loomer liked to pose the following question: “What is the size of your soul?” Does your soul have the ability to stretch and grow, to take in whatever astonishments come your way, along with whatever contradictions enter your experience?When Loomer spoke about soul size, he typically wrote the word S-I-Z-E with capital letters and dashes in between to emphasize its importance. He explained S-I-Z-E in the following way:By “S-I-Z-E” I mean the stature of a person’s soul, the range and depth of your love, your capacity for relationships. I mean the volume of life you can take into your being and still maintain your integrity and individuality, the intensity and variety of outlook you can entertain in the unity of your being without feeling defensive and insecure. I mean the strength of your spirit to encourage others to become freer in the development of their diversity and uniqueness. I mean the power to sustain more complex and enriching tensions. I mean the magnanimity of concern to provide conditions that enable others to increase in stature.Love is a commitment to expand the size of our souls to include everyone and everything. It is a commitment to be attentively present always and everywhere. In its ultimate form, love is divine—the commitment to open ourselves to all that is present in our lives and our world, as well as all that is past and all that is possible.Lady Juicy

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