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Too Blessed To Be Stressed

It’s Monday morning, but this time, that fact won’t dampen her mood. After applying several techniques and strategies, she’d finally managed to move into her boyfriend’s place over the weekend. It wasn’t as hard as she’d anticipated, but then again, he was a bit of a push over. Once she’s settled into her corner of the office, she takes several selfies and chooses one which she posts on the social medias with the hashtag#TooBlessedToBeStressed, among others. 30 minutes later, there is a mini crisis in her department and the day goes downhill from there….

He’s mainly on the social networks because of peer pressure and would probably have missed her selfie if she hadn’t tagged him in it. One of the accompanying hashtags gives him a lighter heart though. They hadn’t been together that long and he knew very little about her but, somehow, they were already staying together as of this weekend. He was still trying to process how that had happened and what kind of relationship they’d have going forward but this tidbit of information about her personality was a very welcome one.

That evening, she reaches home after him and finds him watching the highlights of the weekend games.

Hi, babe, he greets her.

She doesn’t respond immediately and instead slumps into the sofa next to him, grabs the remote and turns off the TV.

I hate my job, she starts in a whiny voice he hasn’t encountered before. You can’t believe how stressful today has been….

But I thought you were too blessed to be stressed, he blurts out absentmindedly while thinking about all the highlights he is missing.

The transformation her face goes through as she realises what he is referring to is another new feature of hers he has never encountered before. This is followed by an outburst about how insensitive he is, that chases any thoughts he was harbouring about a peaceful cohabitation out of the nearest opening in his brain…


Written by Byagaba Roland (3)

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