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#TIMETV A Quarrelsome Future.

Get this…

I’m now reporting live from the year 3018. This stuff is going to blow your mind.


Yeah, Uganda is now manufacturing electric cars. Everyone else is levitating.

Naye first pause with the questions and let me finish. So, here in this future, computers are mooob advanced. You basically have a chip in your brain with a gizzolite of memory. It captures every thought, every feeling, every visual seen by the eyes. I think there’s a Black Mirror episode with similar tech. This is just more advanced, easily available and brain controlled.

And because social media has made us such horrible people devoid of empathy and extremely vain, the pettiness levels are out of this world. Combined with a chip on your head that stores everything, the arguments are epic because everything is referenced and revisited and nitpicked on.

I don’t know where they get the energy for this. They pretty much all the time even as they go about their day to day duties. I gotta say, it’s impressive that they manage to get anything done. Must be some future diet stuff. And then there’s like inception of arguments. Arguing about previous arguments. I won’t even go into that.

It’s crazy!


Man, I still can’t believe it myself but, yeah, Sevo is still alive!…..I know!!! 

But why aren’t you people asking about this quarrelsome future? 

Anyway, back to you Brian. Let me go back to being baffled by whatever other oddities the future holds for us.

Brian: Bye Roland. Ladies, Gentlemen and whatever else you may identify as, that was Roland reporting live from 3018, a millennium from now. Love that guy. I have no idea how he survives in that place. Thought he’d have gone crazy by now like the ones before him. *lower conspiratory voice* Now, let’s see what James has to show us from moment 0. The half point of life, the spot where BC stopped and AC began. The birth of Christ.

Over to you James.

TIME TV. Slogan suggestions?

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