Thoughts on Uganda's health care system


No art piece is worthy of the eyes of any mortal man until the artist falls in love with it. In light of the above stated phylosophy, I’d like to apologise because this piece was meant for 27th April in accordance with the ugblogmonth.

Basically, Uganda’s health care system is a combination of the private and public sector.

With the private sector; broken down into profit and non profit oriented organizations, it acts as that bulky twin with the brains, brawn and abs. Then there is the Public sector, which is broken down into health centers, ministries and departments. It can be best described as the twin with…mostly brain .

As a guy who has had his fair share of fatal illnesses, I have to say I appreciate the health care system in Uganda. Personally I owe a giant thumbs up especially to the private sector since it comes with friendly faces, shorter lines and air conditioning.

However, despite my unending heaps of praise; after some pain staking research, brain storming and mindless mumbling I have made a few disturbing discoveries.

The sources of literature I came across barely scratched the surface of what I find to be the most required information regarding the sector. I Victor The Muchwezi shall therefore try to rectify this abominable mistake.

Firstly I would like to establish the origins of the medical staff that make up this sector. Like most of us, they originally started off as students ranging within the age of 18 to 20. With the stringent requirement to read mammoth sized text books with lousy acrenames: for example B.S. (Biological science) or as we the artists called it, Bull Shit,  they suffer the unfathomable curse of insufficient time.

If you think that’s bad, wait till you find out what happens to them after they make it past the academia. The poor souls are restricted in fashion as they are required to use only that one fancy white jacket when at work.

What can I say, the price of body integrity dysphoria is steep one. These heroes need greater love from all of us as they have sacrificed their age, time, and wadrobes for us.

Thank you for your sacrifice


What do you think?

Written by Mugabe Victor

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