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I just unfriended my former economics teacher…

I just unfriended my former economics teacher. Richard Nyeko. Because my UACE result slip documented an ‘O’ in economics. He has been my friend since 2010 on Facebook with a variated name. I didn’t realise it till today.

Whilst he harassed me, pressuring me to have sex with him and “surrender my virginity” to him, I didn’t know who; or how to tell anyone. To make matters worse, he was a maternal relative to another relative of mine. So, I constantly ran into him at my cousin’s house.

As a way to cop, I avoided his economics classes as well as his lessons. However, matters escalated to the point that he was always throwing provocative statements and dirty suggestive looks at me. My Stony looks back at him didn’t help. I was trying to be a disciplined student!!!

One day, he threatened to leave the school in the second term of our S.6 because he said, “Students didn’t respect him enough”. You see, he used to go by the nickname of ‘ONT’. Someone nicknamed him that due to his constant snorting sounds.

Under my breathe I thought, I said;

“Good Riddance.”

My fellow classmates were on his side. Calling me rude and I’ll mannered and selfish.

Drum Roll: our formidable director stormed into class a few minutes later and shamed me and my family circumstance to nothingness. I was ordered to write an apology which I refused. I told him that Mr Nyeko was sexually harassing me but he scoffed at me.

You see, this sexual predator was an active member of KPC central home cells and whatnot. He was sooo holy in the public eye!!!

My UACE result slip has an ‘O’ in economics.

The director only believed my story about a year later when he impregnated an S.4 student from the same school. She outed him after her mother saved her life from an attempted DIY abortion.

The director attempted to apologise in that lame way that adults do when I asked him:

Do you believe me now!!!

But all this came too late. There is an ‘O’ on my result slip and a scathing public shaming that cannot be undone.

I was sexually harassed by two teachers in A_level. Both harassments resulted in two Os.

My goal in sharing this is to implore you peers and sociarati to stop dismissing Sexual Harassment claims.

As hard as it is to prove, it is even harder to come out.

Stop being the people that hide burning candles under foam mattresses. This only sets the house on fire. Or, the people that snuff out the lights of them candles speaking out.



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Written by Acaye Pamela

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