This 1 million dinner for Elvis Mbonye…

Me as me, I’ve tried to keep quiet about it because the Bible says something about avoiding vain conversations.

Naye me as me, that’s become increasingly impossible.

Before I go on, I’d like to say that this isn’t an attack on Elvis Mbonye or his ministry. I’ve seen that man flow in his gifting and it does seem genuine. But nyowe nka nyowe, this is my page and here are my thoughts.

  1. I will NOT celebrate anyone who is operating in a spiritual gift. These gifts are GOD-given. By grace.
    So if you as you, GOD makes you see next year’s Oscar winners, good for you. But you didn’t go to Capital Shoppers’ and pay for that gift.
    Sit down.
    Let the gift glorify the ONE who gave it.
  2. Could y’all use your smartphones for more than selfies? Use your Google app. ACTUALLY, use your Bible app. Every damn “explanation” I’ve seen from someone going for this dinner is tied to first fruits and honouring the anointing on someone’s life.
    Ba guy, read your Bibles- there’s a reason we sang that song in kindergarten.
  3. On first fruits- I even have to sigh here. The Bible (Malachi) calls for them so that GOD’s house will not be empty. As we all know, GOD doesn’t eat grain. So:
  4. Those offerings were to feed the priests of the Old Testament. They were full-time priests. Seeing as sacrifices had to be made for even one broken commandment, they were actually busy. Burning sheep and all.
  5. Yes. GOD had to specifically state this law- the Israelites were the people who crossed the Red Sea then complained for lack of meat. They made an 11-day journey in 40 years. Do they seem like the kind who’d be sensitive to the needs of their 24/7 priests?
  6. I’d like to give a shoutout to all the animals who died for people’s sins before Jesus came and made the ultimate sacrifice.
  7. I believe in tithing. I want a beautiful church. A functional music system. Pastors who look fresh. But I also believe in responsibility and accountability.
  8. If it’s a full-time leader, salary them because they too have lives and needs. BUT do not for the love of crispy bacon, use GOD’s word to justify certain things. As Christians, can we STOP picking verses and quoting the Bible out of context?
  9. Who honoured Peter and Paul for healing people with their shadows? Jesus washed feet. He’s seated at GOD’s right hand and from what I can tell, the woman who washed his feet with alabaster oil and her tears was the mostest lit reception he ever got.
  10. When Jesus says he’ll say to certain people; “I never knew you”, after they list all their works, do you think he’s speaking of people we don’t know?
  11. Feed the hungry. Pray for the sick. Visit the prisoners- the basics of the Gospel. How many will spend 1m on this dinner nga you don’t even give your house help a 20k Christmas bonus? While on this point, does this ministry have a philanthropic side to it? And this is an honest question. Please let me know if it does.
  12. Yes, it’s your money. Spend it how you like naye at the very least, get your scripture right. I can go all night on scripture quotation by the way- so if you’re coming, come S.L.O.W.L.Y.
  13. I will NOT applaud you for doing what GOD has asked you to do. There are so many people obeying GOD’s calling on their lives- seeing unimaginable things, warring demons, standing watch over this country, being woken up at 2:00 am to pray for strangers and strange lands- and if this is a standard to go by, they need holiday homes.
  14. The gifts of GOD are without recall. You might operate in them mpaka death but they’re not a one-way ticket to heaven.
  15. Test all spirits.
  16. Do not exalt the gifts over the giver.


Written by Maureen Nagasha

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