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The Virgin

After our first kiss, she thought she was pregnant with me.

For as our lips parted, I told her to call me baby.

Seriously, she saw fewer men than a blind nun.

You could say her blindness was second to none.

She was fresh-faced, unspoiled and virginal.

Sure, she wasn’t perfect but was a virgin all in all.

I met her in church one Sunday afternoon

As the pastor looked at me like a weed he needed to prune.

So he went fire and brimstone on me with a broadsid

Yet she took my side like my name was Clyde,

Her beau, knee to knee, with her as we prayed.

Her for forgiveness while I asked God to get me laid.

Not because I go to church just to blaspheme.

I was thinking of Heaven’s virgins like my brother Raheem.

And one was with me like polish and its shine.

Her ripening body wouldn’t wither untasted on the vine.

I said to myself as I planned how I would ask her out.

In the battle of the sexes, I wanted to be her maiden bout.

To be sure, we were soon in love and dating.

I was turned on like a phone call that was still waiting

To take her cherry but she wouldn’t let me do it.

And I could not drive her crazy without a permit.

So our love ended above the sheets with that first kiss.

Indeed, Mama said there would be days like this.

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Written by Philip Matogo (0)

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