The Intouchables Movie: A Review

The Intouchables, A French Movie with English Subtitles.

There’s a rumor that Americans absolutely hate subtitles. I do not know how far true this is but it could go a long way in explaining why THE INTOUCHABLES has not received as much acclaim as it should on the American scene. (Speaking strictly for myself of course)

I loved this movie about a strong friendship (bromance if you may) between an unlikely duo, a rich quadriplegic Philippe and his ex-con live in caretaker Driss. I shed tears shamelessly throughout the entire movie. Driss who is obviously set in his ways at the start of the movie is unaccustomed to the elegance and grandeur of the rich aristocrats in Paris – his character is so natural and un-phased by all this wealth and his commentary is hilarious. One cannot help but feel sorry for Philippe who finds solace in their differences. They develop a strong friendship none the less that in turn changes each other’s preconceptions on love, life but most of all each other.

If you are the kind of person that does a bit of online research on the movies you might be interested in seeing, you’ll learn, like I did, that the movie was actually inspired by real life happenings in the lives of Phillipe Pozzo Di Bongo and his caretaker Abdel Sellou. And if you are a reader you’ll be happy to know that these wonderful men have memoirs about their lives. On which the movie was based.

Real life Philippe and his good friend and former caretaker Abdel.
Real life Philippe and his good friend and former caretaker Abdel.

Trying not to ruin the movie for you guys, I assure you it’s a beautiful, funny, hearty movie. Driss’s transformation from a shameless nothing to lose attitude to this compassionate character at the end warms my heart and Philippe, gosh all you need to do is look at his handsome face I must say and know that he is all the more happier for having met Driss.

The actors did a remarkable job and OH MY GOD, have I mentioned Drissi’s dance moves? and his HUGE smile? He reminds me of a boy I knew once, a certain A . . . ugh! That’s a tale for another time.

Watch the movie, let us know how you found it.

(ED: We shall leave Anita dearest to go and shed some more tears)

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