Movie Review: Never Let Go

Definitely one of my favourite movies. It is an action, drama, and thriller movie released in 2015. A new mother goes on vacation while on medication for depression. Her new-born child Sofia is kidnapped while she is out on the beach.

This tensed up movie with a lot of suspense has Angela Dixon who acts as the mother. Not everyone can figure out locations in a foreign country and even use a gun to get justice. She figures out.

She acts so far as to save the baby without any police help. Mother refuses to report the case or even trust local security. Not only that, but she discovers another foreign couple who had gone through the same and uses the information to track the child kidnappers. She successfully beat security, since the police make her a wanted suspect and issue public notices. She fights her way to recover the baby. She kills the kidnappers and recovers the two children. The child trafficking ring is linked back to her baby dad in the US, who is later arrested.

Never Let go is one of those action movies, you cannot pause to go to the bathroom.

Ivan N Baliboola


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Written by Baliboola N Ivan

Public Relations and Organisational diagnosis specialist

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