Dear Princess

As I lay down on the bed in my one room shack, I stare at the ceiling but the mind wonders off into Oblivion trying to remember your enchanting beauty on the day that we first met. You were young, lost and confused but the aura of seamless joy is what attracted me to you.

That painless moment was when I seized the moment, that soothing time when your small eyes glared in the shadows and when cute smiles made me mellow, your exuded a sweet sense that made me yellow and no doubt i had to follow, At least I was no ordinary fellow for I won your heart with just a mere hello.

Many do not believe in Love at first sight but I testify to prove them wrong for you have been a clear reincarnation of a fairy tale bride, My princess you have beaten the Odds and made the most beautiful women in History like Cleopatra of Egypt adore you, Andromeda of Phoenicia envy you and Helen of Troy want to got to Maama Fiina.

My Princess, you illuminate my spirits and Eclipse the sphere of doubt, You carry me high on your shoulders as I listen to your confusing symphony, a troubling ballad of Runyakole and a mixture of that husky the husky tone in Luganda, Your confusing symphony has made your abuses quite sweet and the intonation of your anger has made you even more lovable.

I know that in a relationship people will have misunderstandings but i have learnt to love you nonetheless, As you compose the clear cut punchlines of disbelief, It is not a jealous rage but rather clearly defined love that continues to open my heart and when you yell.

All I hear are the sweet and sensational voices of the muses singing at the shores of Indian Ocean as I relate myself to Odysseus who is trying to go back to his wife after a 20 year journey.

I know my little princess that I have made you shed tears sometimes but on this valentines I promise to close the gaps and turn those tears into Chocolate those sorrows into Apple pie and that doubt into a Date Tartlet that will even make Ice Cream jeer at the shame of being called a dessert.

On the 14th of February I want you to please open up your mind for I will come ready to turn your confusing symphony into a Musical Orchestra that will rattle the legendary 3 tenors for you are my One and Only love.

Happy Valentines Day

The Confused Listener (Suhail)


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