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The Bosco, Gorreti, Yozefu and Mabirizi Valentines & Campaigns Filimu

Bosco looks into her eyes and sees what he wants to see there, she likes him. Likes him as much as much as he likes her. It might be those cocktails with strange names they just took fueling this liking, but that is beside the point. He decides to make a move for her lips and leans in slightly. Slightly enough for her to know his intentions. She doesn’t pull back or turn her head sideways to swerve and present her cheek, as has happened a couple of times in this situation. Green light. On the first date. He can’t believe his luck. Must be the Valentine’s vibe in the air. Who cares about the why anyway? He goes all in and their lips make contact. Bliss. Sweet sweet bliss.

Goretti feels his lips on hers. They are large and wet. Whatever was in that cocktail has unlocked in her a new level on wantonness altogether. She feels alive and carefree. And horny. They kiss under the stars, moon and streetlight lit deserted roadside and it feels like all is well in the world. She breaks away from the kiss pulls out of his arms and draws away from him in a twirl which she will then turn into a hop and skip across the road and eventually a seductive glance back as she enters her gate, from which they have been standing across. She has seen this exact move played out by an actress in one of those TV soaps she loves to watch and tonight seems like the best time to replicate it

Yozefu is riding his boda boda at 100 kph while seating cross-legged, like a Buddhist. He saw someone pull this stunt at a circus show once and has always wanted to try it. The 10 sachets of waragi he took at his candidate Mabirizi’s rally have given him the gonads he needs execute it. Besides this particular stretch of road looks clear tonight so there is no better chance than now. Mpozi Valentines, he recalls. He should pass by Bettys for a short session. One must not go home without getting some on Valentines, even if it is from the neighborhood prostitute. Maybe she will finally give him his long overdue discount. He lets go of the handle bars and shouts, MABIRIZI FOR LIFE PRESIDENT, as the joy of pulling off the stunt with such flair, mixed with pleasant thoughts of impending intercourse, overwhelms him. He notices a girl dressed in red drunkenly spinning into the road, straight into his course, and starts panicking when he realises that he going too fast to regain control of the bike and swerve in time…

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Written by Byagaba Roland (3)

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