#MuwadoLoveLetter2; The Ultimate Guide.


My Mukiga,my Kitakuli,

Well, my heart beats du-du!du-du! My hands, tremble from the idea of your image running through my mind,as I incline my body to write to you.

I always dreamt of you. A you, who is all calm, intriguing, hardworking, masculine and attractive. A you, with whom I could sleep and snore, close myself up in a room and forget my claustrophobia, eat and spit the bony residue, fear not to wear no make up ; and yet you still love me. And you happened. See, love is deep and real and everything. You seem to be my everything. 

I cannot connect to you right now. I cannot connect to myself. How is that even possible? Could it be that you are thinking of me? The innocence in me tells so. May be I am naïve. Heck, I know I love you.

May the waters and clouds that you perched  through be the only reason for our separation. Why did you even have to leave? O yes, your sister comforts that you truly went to study in a white man’s land. I wonder, have you told them about me? Of the girl you left in Uganda besides your sister? May be you didn’t know about my feelings for you. But you do. You know how I insisted that I would see you off that Tuesday evening.  How I wish I had reached for your luscious lips when we hugged farewell at Entebbe International Airport!

I dream of our future together. Too truly. Ooo the babies will have your eyes! Your curly hair,that too, they can they adopt. Fruits of your love. Our love. Did you at one time say you love nature? Then may be we shall live by the waters of Lake Victoria. To catch the unending sunsets, feel the breezes,and eat fresh fish. This I shall cook for you. You said you loved my meals.

 Last evening your family came to visit. Your dear mother mentioned that I was grown. My mother interjected that I had a few more years. You know mothers and their talk. Your dear mother does not know about us. Or my love for you. But anyway, I smiled. Shyly. The way I do when you commend me for my actions. You say I am special. Different from all other girls of my age.

I am what you see. I am what you have. I am what you will get to complete the puzzle. You are my ultimate guide to the future. Not a means to an end. You, my mukiga are my end.

Now, while you are in that alien land, think about me always. Remember my red love for you. I have enclosed my picture, pin it beside your bed. And dream of me. Always. May I never depart from your side , nor from your heart.

PS: I am in red. #RedLove

Don’t ask me about the date, for this letter is timeless. And the address? You know where my heart is.

Yours affectionate,


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