Sunday evening at Namboole stadium parking…

Today’s youngling’s are such whippersnappers. There’s a section of the parking lots at Mandela National Stadium/Namboole in Bweyogerere that transforms into the kind of Nigadoms we see in movies which depict black neighborhoods in the USA.

Today when I left Mzees place (after fluking Sunday lunch as usual, I decided to take a stroll just to see how far my legs can carry me_ these things of driving can make people lazy eeeisshhh..  Anyway I found myself still strong by the time I got to the stadium parking and was greeted by the sight of alot of people doing I dono what. Whenever I drove through the stadium on Sunday afternoons the open grounds next to the one where Pioneer buses were parked for burial were always full of activity and I always wondered what goes on there. Today since I had the time I decided to check in and see wazup.

Smell of kavubuka hit me nga I’m still branching off at the road.. Place was packed with many teenagers forming crowds to watch their upcoming stars perform various arts including:

  1.  Beatboxing: (eh.. these jamas can make sounds with their mouths.. Ateh serious hip-hop beats.. I stretched my neck to full length over the first crowd to get a better glimpse of the guy making beats and was beginning to enjoy till some chap standing next to me with a mouth like a swordfish pulled of some rare symphony like that sound a balloon makes when losing air. At first, I thought this guy was really talented coz his sound was in sync with the beats of the beatboxer at the centre of the crowd but a few seconds later when a stench like bad cabbage hit my nose I was like kanve wanno_ won’t manage these naughty by nature guys.
  2. Skating: Now these were of two categories; the ones who seem cautious enough on skateboards and the daring ones on those shoes with tyres in a line (oba what’s the name? Let’s just call them skates). The kids in the skates kept going in circles all over the place they even had some sort of cliff they rolled to and jumped off and landed in style sending aaahhs and ooohhs from onlookers. I only wish they didn’t extend their stunts to the main roads where they hold on to the backs of cars and get towed to places with onlookers like myself worried to hell what might happen if they hit a pothole while at it. When I get sons in future I pray non engages in such a sport.
  3. Riding bicycles: There are those with the normal sports bikes and also the ones with those low Scooter-like bicycles that look like some exotic specie of short but long dog (I remember while growing up in the early 90s one of the guys in the neck of my woods in Kiswa had one of em short long dogs. Called it ‘Tabulabula’ wonder why). Anyway, those bicycles where one just stands on (I guess adding a seat to it would make it less affordable). Btw I’ve seen some stuff like a board with 2 tyres where u just stand on and it moves, what is it called? Been seeing them lots in music videos and with the younger generation.  Saw some few kids ride by on them too.
  4. Dance off’s: If u watched the movie ‘Stomp the Yard’ it’s that kind of dance-off I’m referring to here. Lads with sweaty armpits practiced rare dance moves to the pop music playing off a small stereo I couldn’t see amidst cheers from the crowds. One group sends a jama who comes and breakdances like a museezi on cock while the other group watches. Once the night-dancer exhausts his moves, the opposition group sends a member who comes somersaulting into the centre of the crowd, lands on his behind and butt_walks away like the Red guy from Cartoon Network’s Cow and Chicken. I wonder why the young girls in the crowd cheer this one the most (remind me not to find my daughter in such places when I grow up).

Lots of talent and energy here. I noticed it was starting to grow dark and decided to carry on with my walk to Kireka lest these ghetto youth play my phone.

Banange who’s buying beer today?

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