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“Ssenyiga We China”: Why Doesn’t Government Support Local Businesses?

Before I knew Covid-19 would spread to Uganda, I always watched CNN and BBC for international news updates. I noticed how wealthy countries were struggling to deal with the virus. The materials and equipment looked expensive, which got me worried because I was pretty sure that my country, Uganda, could not afford them.

It sounded funny that our media called it “Senyiga we China” (Chinese flu), but now it is here. I know that being under the lockdown will make us safer and stop the spread of the virus, but I am not comfortable with some of the policies set by government.

I didn’t like staying at home and had the opportunity to join Boundless Minds for mentorship. There, I met many people under the programme and we had good time learning from each other. But because of the lockdown, the programme ended.

We have also stopped people from operating their businesses without analyzing how those businesses survive. I think that is even the reason why many people were beaten because of refusing to close their shops. Many people are running their businesses on bank loans, how will they survive? It would be good if there was a policy to relieve people who are servicing bank loans so that they do not suffer health stresses like hypertension or lose their property during this period.

It is also likely that in the end, these people will riot and cause insecurity because of these conditions. I think policymakers pass a monetary policy to support such people and ensure equity during this lockdown period.

By Henry Kazibwe

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Written by Boundless Minds

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