Someone asked me for a child today!

Not many people envision having children with me. 

I guess they imagine responsible women come in long dresses and block heels- not buggy jeans and T-shirts.

I guess they also imagine responsible women neither laugh like he-goats nor post memes.

Probably they think I am capable of running away in the middle of the night to the bar with an infant to drown out their annoying midnight cries 

I guess I am the kind of woman they admire but wouldn’t desire romantically because feminism is ‘ chaos.’

Or the kind of woman whose attraction is enough for one-night stands, not for serious relationships (whatever those are)

But not Olobo (let’s just call him that).


As in you guys, someone sees me in all of this messy being I am and wants to have children with me!! Cheyiii!

Olobo says the first day he met me in the bar with bright red Bata slippers and heard the ‘oluzungu /Leb Munu /Accented English that came out of my weirdly pink lips, he knew I could handle any Parent-Teacher Meetings in the future.

Olobo says the first day he met me, touched my face and found no trace of foundation or make-up, he knew that in all of my ugliness, I will not be bothered enough to waste so much time in the future doing make-up, so he will be on time for his programs with me.

Olobo says he wants a child with me you guys!!!

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Written by Mercy Geno Apachi

Journalist, Poet, Writer, Emcee, Digital Marketer, Copywriter

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