Saints, Thighs, and Heathens!

Vector illustration of pole dancer silhouette in position called Allegra

Even though the logic was simple and straightforward, the Devil must have smiled at how wrong we were.

See, we’d had a long final day, and an even longer, tedious week of videoconferencing, drafting documents, and poring over thick memos.

With a collective sleep debt of several dozen hours, we had to guarantee our presence on the three AM departure. The plan was to avoid sleeping by sticking together as a group and exploring the sights and sounds of this lively seaside city all evening. After this, we’d head to the airport and board. Leave no one behind.

From the parking lot, one could hear the faint hum of a thousand clubbers, rocking and raving to the 5,000-watt power of mounted JBL speakers pumping out Honor Rebel’s then-new hit, Rum and Redbull. Towards the entrance, pretty things were sashaying in stilettos, amidst raucous and roving bands of young men at different levels of sobriety.

Inside, a full-scale carnival was afoot: gyrations by belly dancers, pole dancers splaying and contorting their glittering and ample curves—some of them chocolate, some of them caramel, others ebony, with hints of San Diego’s cosmopolitan exoticness. The scene was all the more alluring thanks to the uncountable rays of dazzling disco ball and strobe lights.

Two surprise showpieces by popular local artists left the holy ones amongst us dropping our jaws, and the curiosity of the sinners amongst us aroused…

And as fate would have it, just as the minutes to our agreed departure time drew closer, the performers invited the audience to join them on stage for the closing act. “Please watch my drink,” “hold my beer, please,” “guys, here’s my wallet—let me come,” were the excited retorts around our table as we made a chaotic beeline for the stage.

On second thought, I will not be the one to spark off the Third World War by completing this story whose facts, personalities, and locations are still too delicate to reveal, almost a decade later. LOL!

As things stand, world peace and security are already volatile enough, and I won’t be the one to ignite this tinderbox.

As you were, please. Have a great rest of the day!


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Written by Karamagi Andrew

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