Rest In Peace, Lamego Hellen Keller

Lamego Hellen Keller got saved in CER as a youth (“bulu”) Her parents were also saved in CER! Heller Keller and the late Lapwony Ongom Abachi (of Sir Samuel Baker School), Rev Capt Jackson Okere, etc, were CER youth (“bulu”) who formed the Youth Evangelical Association (YEA) led by late Evangelist Paul Lukonyomoi Otunnu, elder brother of Amb Olara Otunnu.

Lamego Hellen Keller was a gifted and anointed  CER youth musician just like late Lapwony Ongom Abachi and Rev Captain Jackson Okere. When those CER youth led the CER anthem, “Wii lobo kulu gipak Yecu; Lubangawa nyinge Yecu: Twon Coo; Oteka lweny; Oluma; Otucumoi; Lanede”, etc–heaven would literally come down! Demons would flee crying. And people would be saved without being preached to!

Such a demonstration of God’s power through singing “Wii lobo kulu” happened at Wii Gweng, St Paul’s Church of Uganda, Mucwini! This was during the 38th anniversary commemoration on 16th February 2015 of Archbishop-Martyr Janani Luwum, another pioneer CER youth convert thru the preaching of late Evangelist Yusto Otunnu and his wife late Mama Josephine Amato Otunnu.

Amb Olara Otunnu and I (GPJ) had arranged for “Wii lobo kulu” to be sung during the commemoration service. He had arranged that the daughter of Omego Nuwa of Padibe, composer of “Wii lobo kulu” would start the song and Rev Canon Hellen Keller Oneka would continue it! When Heller Keller got the microphone, she “killed the song”–as they say in America!

There was such electricity that people found themselves transported to open field dancing! Archbishop Dr John Sentamu,  the Special Guest Preacher danced swinging in his red and white cassocks and robes. Amb Olara Otunnu  danced floating all over the field like a butterfly as Lamego Hellen Keller “crooned” Wii lobo kulu” away!

The following day after the commemoration at Wii Gweng, Mucwini,  I (GPJ) sat at breakfast with Isaiah Katumwa, the Saxophonist whom Amb Olara Otunnu had invited; and the South African Opera singer (Lerato?) whom Attorney Ochoro Otunnu (in New York)  had invited and sponsored.

Isaiah Katumwa told me: ” I need to come back to Kitgum and learn that song!” I asked, “which song?” He replied, “the song someone started and then the Woman Reverend took over!” Isaiah Katumwa said, “when that Woman Reverend took the microphone and started singing, I felt electricity all over my body! I have to come back to Kitgum and learn that song!”

Then the South African Opera singer (Lerato?) smiled and said : “I didn’t understand a word of that song. But when that Woman Reverend took over the microphone, I found myself in the field dancing with everybody else! I don’t know how I got from the pavilion to the field. That song is powerful!”

Such is the power and electricity in “Wii lobo kulu” when led by original CER youth, “bulu”, as Lamego Hellen Keller Oneka!

To date I remember the same “electricity” during overnight prayers in 1979-80 at the home of Omego Lukonyomoi Otunnu (RIP) in Pece, Gulu. A young girl, “Lamego Concy” sang “Wii lobo kulu” praising the Lord Jesus Christ in Acholi/Luo as “Lubangawa nyinge Yecu: Twon Coo, Oteka lweny, Oluma, Otucumoi,” and then Omego Lukonyomoi added, “Yecu, Lanede”. I felt such electricity over my body that I remember to this day!

Therefore, Lamego Rev Canon Hellen Keller Oneka should be escorted with “Wii lobo kulu gipak Yecu!” with Bila, kijira ki pak ki myel Bwola pa Jo mulare!!!!

Polo! Polo! Polo yeeeee! Cayuni!!!

© *Omego George Piwang-Jalobo*

Assistant Diocesan Evangelist and Youth Worker, Diocese of Northern Uganda (Anglican), 1982-4

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Written by Odoki Jimmy (2)

Jimmy Odoki Acellam is Coordinator of Heartsounds Uganda and a Mental Health Advocate.

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