The Rain filled Solitude

And Drip silent shower

A Hot and Cold think box

A Naked home for the Naked mind.

The Rain In The Shower

It disallows Baggage upon Entry

Lest it gets Wet.

This protection from the Outside

Allows Reflection about the Inside

The Past, The Present and The Future.

Existential Questions are Pondered,

Meaning Interrogated.

Scars are Reopened and Wounds Re-examined.

The Aftermath emotions fill the eyes with teary dread.

Pains of the Heart, Mind and Soul.

But the Rain Washes it away.

Unbiased, Unjudged. 

Only  YOU  and the Shower.

The one note Song it sings gives Room for such

And room for Distractions, not much.

Its Timeless feel, Its Solitude and Privacy

All give Way for one to Feel them-self 

To Be them-self

Naked and Raw.

What a solemn place to be!

What a lovely place to hide!

Maniple Denzel Everd


What do you think?

Written by Maniple Denzel

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