Police officers too need time to love and to be loved, they are just human

When you meet a police officers at work be it in uniform or plain clothes, you may think they don’t have feelings and you may think it is hard to win their hearts, at the end of the day, they are just human with warm blood flowing in their veins. Once in a while, they also feel lonely, they feel cold and desire to be loved and treated in a special way. They too want to be reminded that they are special, they are beautiful and smart, they feel nice when complimented but the nature of their work scares many potential suitors. Just take an example of a traffic officer who spends her entire day in the sun or some times in the rain, at the end of the day, her face is gloomy, it scares men. Apart from the many obligations they have to implement and undertake like keeping law and order, investigating cases, throwing tear gas canisters at protestors, arresting suspects, recording statements, controlling traffic, patrolling, gathering evidence and defending the same in court, guarding important installation and property, protecting life, enforcement of law and regulations, these officers would be glad to be given a different treat far from what they are trained to do.I know of an officer who has four children from four different men. One day, I asked her why all the four men found reasons to quit. After a short interaction, I realized that given her profession, she had turned herself into the man of the house. She is trained only to take orders from her superiors in the same profession, the rest of the men are civilians and is a potential suspect. I have been on research trying to find out why most police officers have broken relationships!You and I well know that while joining the police you acknowledge working from any part of the country and that transfers are normal, however these transfers have lead to broken marriages within the police fraternity.All police officers are under obligation to swear an oath accepting to work in any part of the country or even outside their country when the need arises, sometimes for a longer period without any communication. Officers are always transferred here and there as they live their families behind. On the other hand they don’t have a department that has come out openly to address this issue within or police could opt recruiting an ambassador of love to counsel these frustrated souls of women and men.Remember the nature of work you do as a police officer requires a very settled mind free from any disturbance or distraction and family relationship is very fundamental because power and money are fruits of life but family and friends are roots of life so we can manage without fruits but we can never stand without roots therefore behind a strong commander there must be a honest loving wife or husband.Basing on my research I have come up with seven commandments that should be put in the mind of the wives and husbands of police officers. As lady juicy who preaches the gospel of love because by the glory of love police officers will be delivered from fake love of words especially those who love them with a mission of gaining protection. Love is like the heart, it must be massaged, nurtured, serviced to keeps their heart temperatures normal because the heart is the only machine that works without any rest so it should always be kept happy as lady juicy’s love proverb says! A Broken Hand In Love Touches But Not A Broken Central Heart That Feels” The police institution should come up with a program to senstize these women and men about the duties of their wives and husbands because if they don’t mantain their families, families will not mantain them. I request you to ensure these commandments are pinned as calendars in yr houses to always remind yr wives and husbands forever lasting marriage.These Are The Seven Commandments.1,Trust God, in everything you do in this world God should always be yr number one so love him by always praying for his life because the nature of work he does is commitment and sacrificing so he can go for an operation and he is also operated.2,Love a police officer with a reason of love not solving your problems because you will expect much from him and at the end, you are disappointed so don’t take him to be a financial solver take him to be your love heroes. 3,Be more mindful of his coming back home not time because his job is to serve 24/7 so love has no time any  place yr at feel love in yr heart good enough you can’t move and live the heart behind and it’s a home of love therefore you cannot dictate what, where, how and when love expresses it’s self hence any time afande arrives just be happy hence a man in humanity is not supposed to be asked where he has been, a man remains a man and a head of the family.4,Be thankful for any little he gives because he also earns little but no matter how too small he gives provided it’s given out with one heart ,in a godly feelings and one love it has a big value to yr life. 5, Respect his boundaries and humanity ie as a man which respect does he deserve as a father of your kids and as a woman which respect does she need as a mother of your kids and when we talk about boundaries we mean his job as an afande especially communication gadgets and official equipments eg uniform, shoes, radio call, official line, gun etc.6,Love a police officer by trusting him or her because trust is the foundation of every relationship so love without trust is like a river without water and if you put it in practice it will help you to stop being suspicious of whoever rings him, why does he come back home late? Where has he gone.7,Love everything about him especially his parents because there are of his blood and foundation of everything in his or her life so  no matter how much an afande loves you as his wife or husband but the truth remains your are not of his or her blood ,your blood connection with afande is in these biological kids.Basing on the above research and facts embedded within these commandments alot of awareness ought to the extended towards police families to ensure that mitigate these acts of domestic violence hence improvements in service delivery as they serve the nation.Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that, hate cannot drive out hate only love can do that so if yr trained to keep law and order we expect order at yr family first to act as an example, If he was deployed in the directorate of cid let him first confirm his investigations on his love case as he gives evidence to RSA that he visited the Scene of love so these kids can testify in courts of love. As a traffic officer who is active in regulating traffic floor he should also be active and healthy in regulating bed floor to avoid causes of love trans-pass and hit and run. I conclude saying don’t only be candles that burn to give others light but also take some time off to enjoy the fruits that come with the light you set up.


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Written by Lady Juicy

Nabuzale Babra aka Lady Juicy who preaches the gospel of love.

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