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Our Red Table Talk!

So, the past couple of days everyone has been going on and on about the Smith’s Marriage story and a relationship Jada chose to refer to as an “entanglement”. I also gather the reason some of us are going on and on is because we didn’t google what entanglement means…in my free time I googled for us all and found that an entanglement is a complicated or compromising relationship or situation; so in short it is a relationship anyway!

Last evening and today morning before Martin Mugarura left home, I put him on a “red table” because I needed a message to share with you our dear friends here. His response was simple.

In marriage, for us to enjoy each other’s companionship we must reach a place where we are fully aware that our happiness doesn’t lie in our spouses. We should be alive to who the ultimate source of our happiness is; and that is GOD! Once we are fully aware of this, life will get easier.

The reality is that because we are human, we always feel the other Party owes it to us & our happiness depends on them; but with time the picture gets clearer. You just have to keep seeking for clarity from the source by reading his word, listening and reading devotions. Whatever works for you. You will be amazed.

My truth and reality is that I have once been that person who believed my happiness depended on my spouse; I judged him for every single action that I wasn’t comfortable with. I was so full of my self and self righteous that I sought help on his behalf. What I didn’t realize was that everything happening was partly on me; I didn’t know how to extend GRACE.

As we continue to explore this life together, things are getting better; sometimes it is the same struggles but both of us have acknowledged who the source is and we work towards seeking his guidance daily.

In short, if ever we feel entangled in our life as it is; as opposed to finding joy, fulfillment and love outside our spouses; we should find our quiet place and seek God for his peace that surpasses all understanding.

PS: For you who is reading, it may be anything else not a spouse. It could be your job, your friends, family, business, fame, money etc. Be reminded that whatever it is, it is not the source of your happiness.

Be intentional in being introspective to also figure out what makes you think a particular thing is the source of your happiness. Our history/background has a lot to do with how we perceive life today.

Stay Woke. Stay away from Unnecessary Entanglements. Seek God.

Have a great new entanglement free week from us Martin & Fortunate Mugarura!!

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We want to share our marriage story and journey in the hope that it'll bless/motivate a couple out there to live intentionally and enjoy every day of their life together while worshipping and praising God at all times. Your marital status doesn't matter. M&F

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