One Night Stand Ruined by ‘Spirits’

There is this day I was out, and some guy approached me. Hot with very nice eyes. Dark skin and tall. His smile could light up a room. Munange nga guy introduces himself as Julius. He reminded of some high school crush of mine who had the same name. So looking at this Julius felt like looking at my longtime crush.

Julius and I got to know each other. This was sometime last year. Julius smelt nice. Well spoken too. Nkugambye Julius was my ideal man that night. We drunk, sent for shots and more shots. Julius is a hard drinker and so am I. See? Perfect for each other. That night I had even started picturing having a family with Julius.

In the middle of drinks, he asked for a dance. I couldn’t say no. The guy was irresistible. In our highness, I found myself in Julius’ chest. We started dancing slowly but sure and we ended up locking lips. Let me cut the long story short. So at around

Let me cut the long story short. So, at around 3 am Julius suggests we go to his place. Since he was a stranger and I was horny as hell (please don’t judge me), I suggested we go to a hotel. He agreed. So we drove off to some hotel around Munyonyo.

Getting there, we rushed as if we were late to a meeting. The receptionist could see the horn in our eyes, I guess, and she quickly gave us the key to our room. We told her we were going to pay while coming out. Bambi she was so nice.

When we entered we didn’t say anything, we just started off. See, when we were driving to the hotel, shit had already started getting hot in the car so we were ready when we got to the room. Munange nga we start bad manners as you know. On the first round, we both came very quick.

After a few minutes, we started our journey to the second round. Julz was a good one. From kissing me from the toe to the head, neck, eating the Vjay like groceries, nkugambye he was perfect. As he was busy pushing in and out, Julius came off and started talking things I didn’t understand… “…

“…jjajjange Ssepiriya eyebasse e Nkonkonjeru nzijja, nzijja kati kulaba.. ”

I asked him “..Julius obadde Chi? ”

“.. Gwe kawala gwe oyagala ki? Tolaba nti muzukulu, ayagala kundaba. Muwala ffe ewaffe tuli basezi.. Onosobola abasezi?” a voice asked.

Julius wore his clothes and got out like as if he was possessed. I was so scared and had to call one of my friends to come pick me up. Had never seen such strong spirits. Bambi I felt bad for the guy. Had not even got his number you can imagine. I went down to the reception and paid the receptionist as I waited for my gal to come. Guys, I started thinking to myself, what if it was mandwas I had had sex with? God forbid!

My girl came and we left.

Mwe, it is this year around June that I found out about Julius’ tricks. He uses his charm and takes you to a hotel and pretends like he’s been possessed kumbe he wants you to pay for the hotel. Guys that’s how my Julius who had reminded me of my high school crush did me bad.

Julius, may thunder strike that dick one day, not for not paying for the hotel but for leaving your friends on round two yet they wanted more. Mstcheeeeeeeeeeewwwesr.

This is why I no longer do one night stands. Too many bafere.

But guys, I have suffered with men, Chissooosssi!!!!


Written by Chantal Ruby Batamuliza Uwimbabazi (0)

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