Myko Ouma releases new single The Club Banger.

Myko Ouma, him of the mad guitar skills, recently released a new track called Club Banger. For those who¬†haven’t¬†yet listened to the track, hit the play button on the widget below and be mesmerized by his guitar wizardry. We decided to get in touch with him and shoot him some questions regarding the new song so read along if you want to know what the¬†inspiration¬†behind this track is.

You have a new single out. Can you tell us more about it?

The new single is called ‚ÄúThe Club Banger‚ÄĚ. It‚Äôs a techno/electronic/house dance tune, led by guitar and accompanied by a couple of Ugandan traditional instruments.

Who did you work with to make this single happen?

I co-produced it with Mr. Sam Bisaso at his studio (Blacksmith Records) as well as Mr. Jude Kiracho who mixed and mastered it. I also had Mr. Brian Seremba Mugenyi as well as Emmanuel Dragu help out with the brass section.

What creative direction did you take this one?

This was extremely experimental for me because its not the genre of music I usually do but wanted to try out something new.

What message does this song carry? What are you hoping the listener can take away from listening to this track?

It’s all about celebration of life and having fun. Life has an unpredictable span, so enjoy it while it lasts. Musically, it has a global touch to it with borrowed influences from eurobeat, techno and so on but married with home melodies and rhythms too.

Is there any inspiration behind this song?

I was just feeling adventurous so I tried out the new waters.

For those that might want to listen, where can they download it or purchase?

Anybody that tweets the phrase ‚ÄúI want #theclubbanger‚Ä̬†,¬† gets a free download but otherwise you can listen and download it from¬†my Reverbnation Page,¬† my Facebook page¬†or follow me on twitter.

I want #theclubbanger Click to tweet and get a free download.

What do you have under your sleeve next for the fans?

I am doing a whole album and will release it in the second half of this year as well as a concert slated for the same period. Dates to be confirmed and communicated.

Thank you for your time Myko.

You have heard it from the man himself. Click play to listen to the song and share your thoughts on the song in the comments section below. For those that want a direct download, click on this link. If you have any questions for Myko, be sure to leave them in the comments too. We shall pass them on to him and update this post with the answers.


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