#MuwadoLoveLetter Soyez mon Valentine

P.O. Box 57, Mbarara.


Dear Becky,

The mailman said internet will be replacing all postal mail, so I thought I should pen my last letter, to my first love. It’s been only few months, but it feels like ages.

I still lay on the rugged bed you left me with, empty and and lonely, I look to the roof, twist and turn because I can’t find any sleep. All my mind has, is the woman that began my year.

We met in the most stupid of odd; oh gosh who drinks beer with a straw! Then you’re shy to smile. I wink, you giggle. I can’t help but blush. Two winks you chuckle and boy I’m blown away. Where did she come from! Truth say, that night was too cold, the seat too big. It’s like I was Newton and you were gravity.

I hope my jacket warms you up in the south, it’s a bit torn I know. But if doesn’t, and I’m not by your side, here is a scrappy poem to say…soyez mon valentine.

You are my perfect fit

You crawl up on me and entangle my body, weak and creaked, my soul gives in.

You consume me. A power so strong, I know not how this ends.

It begins with a smile and firm handshake. One wink, I grin. Dibs on me, drinks on you. It’s a full moon night. The kind that gives A taste of perfection. 

A night so young, A charm so youth.

We dance, we chuckle. I delight in your warmth. I stumble, but wont let go, Like I’ve known you a lifetime. This, is Paris in Vegas.

Here is a toast, to poison and wine. The kind that gives A taste of perfection. A drink so strong, a merry go round.

I know of nothing but your love. For I call you baibey..or even baiiibeeyy! You are my perfect fit.

Seventy, is how old our love could be. Lead me by your beating heart, and take me away to a darkness. Empty but homely. The heaven I’ve never been to.

One more glass! One for the road. You are my perfect fit.

Come see the world with me, let’s toast to a night so wild! A love so magical! The kind that gives A taste of perfection.”


I hope your toes curl as you read this,mine just did. Wooosh!! The evening mass bell just rang, so I got to run.

I hope to see you soon baibey, my taste of perfection. Kabale is only miles away but gosh it feels like Venus!

Miss you, and Love you everyday!

Loads of Love,


P.S. Dedication: Sewa Sewa – Irene Ntale


Written by Imuhumuza Kashilingi (0)

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