#Muwadoloveletter AS I PREPARE MYSELF…

Please keep him away from me,

For I am not ready yet

May you continue to guide his path

as he seeks after you in truth and humility

Mold him, dear Potter, as you mold too

So that the day we finally meet

will be the day you would have chosen

to join the two pieces together

one fitting perfectly into the other

He will be a man after your own heart

Tailor made just for me

My Samson, My David, My Solomon, my Moses,

my Abraham, my Noah and most of all my Christ.

And i will be the Proverbs 31 wife, his Ruth

His very own Queen Esther, his Rebekah

And together we will write the Songs of songs 2

our very own love story based on a greatest love story

But until then

Please keep him safe for me

As I prepare myself for him, so when he finds me

He will see the boldness of Esther, the hospitality of Lydia,

the submission and humility of Mary, the dedication of Ruth,

and the devotion of a praying Hannah

And the moment when you see fit, dear Father

May you be the greatest witness and bestow blessings

upon that union…

And may we continue to give you glory

Through a generation that desires your will

Above all else.


Written by Kamphat Adriko (0)

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