#MuwadoLoveLetter Non-conformist love

Hey love,

I hope you are having a lovely day at work. Forgive me for scribbling this wee note and sliding it into your handbag. I could not communicate what I have to say to you any other way. Probably you will not give these words a second thought.

After all these years together, I have watched you stand by me in many situations, especially my eccentric views towards social events. I have defiantly boycotted office parties, weddings, cell groups, uptown bars and clubs and even extended my social oddities to loathing useless holidays like Black Friday and Valentine’s day. I appreciate your understanding all these years, the silent shrugs as I turned down all the invitations to accompany you for an office party or some social event. Well love, this year, I do not know why, but I feel I owe you a small explanation why I shall not be sending flowers to your workplace, or taking you for any dinners, or buying you any fancy gifts on this Valentine’s day either. I have watched you every year as we sit quietly at home together, with your eyes teary and full of questions on this most wretched of days, and I do feel a tinge of guilt for never giving you any explanation for my snobbish behavior, which has no doubt left you pitied by your female peers.

I have grown to detest society and even more, its rituals and festivals. Curses!! It is a sham, this existence humans have been reduced to. Society has resorted to pomp and public displays to make up for the darkness and emptiness that has engulfed our souls. Money has replaced truth, and glitzy- looking photos splashed on social media have replaced heartfelt emotions like love.

You may wonder what has caused this bitterness towards a society that I am inextricably a part of. To embark on this futile non-conformist adventure of protest through anti-social behavior. Well love, it is this world, you see. It is a very beautiful place. The warm golden sunrises, and the beautiful sunsets. The chirping of birds as they communicate to each other; hunger, joy, mating, we might never know, but what a wondrous music it is to our ears. It is the gentle sound of the stream as it flows peacefully on its way, its waters bringing refreshing life to all animals and plants in its path. It is a heartbeat, consistent and strong, labouring rhythmically day and night until the inevitable moment when one’s bell tolls and the spirit leaves the body.  It is the leaves rustling in the wind, the clouds in their numerous shapes across the sky. It is the world, my love, the beauty of this world. I hope I can make you understand my dear, that the simple beauty of this world is the cause of my indifference towards society’s more celebrated rituals. Simple and true, the world is, and this is how my feelings for you are. I love you with all that is in me. To the world this means nothing if not accompanied by something material. The one material thing that I truly own I give to you, my life. My life is dedicated to you, simply and truly. With sweat and tears I work to provide for you, not with scented flowers and expensive chocolate. Till the last drop I would bleed trying to protect you from harm, not to the last drop of expensive wine drank once a year. As viciously as a wounded bear I would fight to bring you honour, not as the cuddly stuffed bears many ladies will receive this day. I strive to remain as simple and true as the elements of this earth, and spit upon the pomp and glitter that society has replaced true love with.

My love, I hope you will have a nice day at work. I shall make dinner at home tonight. I hope this year you will not have the teary and questioning eyes as we eat.

See you later.

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