#MuwadoLoveLetter As Cheesy as it gets in a none cheesy way

Dear You,

I always hoped I would meet someone that wanted to write me a letter that would make me fall in love. See a love letter is just words put together in a way that pave the fastest way to my heart and cozy up right in the middle.

I tried making lots of hims write that letter but not one got it right. Am hoping it will be you.

It’s hard to woo a love poet but hey, the only thing standing in your way is the fear your words wont be true enough.

I want a letter that is going to say all the things i see in your eyes when you look at me. A letter that holds me close and strokes my hair on a day when I am feeling down.

Your words should whisper into my ear the promise of things you want to do to me and with me and because of me; things you have waited to do with this girl that has waited for this moment in time to be swept off her feet.

I need a letter that synchronizes your heartbeat with mine and draws our tremulous hopes together that someday, you and me will take our breaths at the same exact time and walk side by side heading for the same destination.

I have waited for a cheesy letter telling me you don’t mind being silly so long as I will take your hand and not let you love.

I don’t mean to lay down rules but your letter should be you; breathing my name, speaking our dreams, making my lips yearn for their soul mate to come a little closer so I can whisper everything your letter has made me feel and more.

If you can write me a million reasons to stay, a thousand reasons to be with you and if you can give me breath for one more day with you then you, are my perfect valentine.


Written by Emmeline Bisiikwa

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