#MuwadoLoveLetter WIN BIG and make Valentines Day memorable with The Muwado Love Note Writing Competition

Ladies, gentlemen, howdy?

Muwado is determined to make your Valentines Day memorable. But, before we tell you how, let’s also do that customary greeting that is synonymous with this time of the year…

If it didn't go done like this for you, see your life!
If it didn’t go down like this for you, see your life!

Great, we have the niceties out of the way. Let’s get to the exciting news…


ULULATE your heart out!
ULULATE your heart out!

We’ll give you a moment there to recover from all the FOMO we imagine that announcement has stirred in your system.

This is how the winnings will be distributed…

  • Winner: Ushs 1,000,000 and a free dinner for two on Valentines Day
  • 2nd Place: Ushs 500,000 and a free dinner for two on Valentines Day
  • 3rd Place: Ushs 200,000 and a free dinner for two on Valentines Day
  • 4th – 10th: Free dinner for two on Valentines Day

So, how does one get to become one of the winners and enjoy some of these millions and free romantic dinners, especially in dry times such as the ones the beginning of the year is famous for?

Well, my good friend, all you have to do is revive those love letter writing skills you had mastered during your teenage years. The generation that grew up during the times of texting, facebooking and whatsapping might be wondering what we are on about, to them I say, you haven’t lived if you didn’t spray a sheet of paper with perfume before sending it off, using the post office, to a damsel/dude you had the hots for. But, this is not a post for reminiscing, so ask an elder sibling or Google.

For those whose interest has been sparked, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty on how to win in the coolest competition of 2015, and earn the title of ‘Smoothest Individual of 2015’.

note taking
Be in class.

Step 1:

Create an account on Muwado. This can be done by simply using one of the buttons below to create your Muwado account using your preferred account. We left boring registration forms in 2014! If you are already a member, you can use the buttons to login with whichever account you used to create your account.


Step 2:

Once logged in, go to the New Post page, and start composing your love missive to your loved one, real or imagined.

new post

Step 3:

Compose your post with a catchy, swoon-worthy title, a relevant featured image that is in line with the theme of the competition (ie love, valentines, seduction, vibing…), unleash your creativity in the body of the post with that love note and, finally, add tags relevant tags to the post.

Go get them, you charming son of a gun, you!
Go get them, you charming son of a gun, you!

NOTE: Inorder for the judges to know that this post is part of the competition, MAKE SURE the tag #MuwadoLoveLetter comes right before the title of your post, like we have done with this one, and is among your post tags. If this is not done, your post will NOT be considered.



Step 4

Click on the ‘Submit Post’ button after proof reading your post and correcting spelling and grammatical errors.

Step 5:

Well done! You are in the run for the money.

The winners will be chosen by popularity of the post as determined by how viral it goes. The number of times it is shared on the various social networks, as determined by the buttons below each post, comments, and the percentage to which you have filled in your Muwado profile will all  count in determining the virality of your post.

These buttons will determine your fate.
These buttons will determine your fate.


This competition runs from 6 January 2015, to 12-noon Friday 13th February 2015. Any posts after that will not be considered.

All right then, what are you waiting for, get to it already.


Any questions regarding this awesome competition will be answered in the comments section below.


Written by Muwado - The African Storytelling Platform (1)

Muwado is an ambitious African social networking website on a mission to give a voice to and financially empower storytellers from especially developing nations.

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