Music Review: Caiiro, Black Motion – Prayer for Rain ft. Tabia

You know those Wakanda shrooms T’Challa used to take in order to access the spirit realm in Black Panther? Well, I think I found my alternative way to commune with the ancestors…this chuune!!


The song starts off polite polite, as is the nature with this kind of music, while Tabia opened the portal to the spirit world with her powerful vocals. As the beat built up, I was teleported through the portal and, upon meeting the spirits, we did the hearty traditional bakiga kije holoje hug with heavy slaps on the back. We did a catch-up and I expressed my gratitude for them watching over me.

When the first base dropped, the mood abruptly changed as they challenged me to a traditional kitagulilo dance off to explain my dubious ways and why I’m tainting their name with my occasionally dubious ways. As I danced vs them to explain myself, the chorus arrived, Tabia’s singing voice defied biology and the sky turned dark and thunderous as the ancestors scowled at me for trying to insult their intelligence and spiritness with my feeble explanations.

I meekly accepted the error of my ways and as the second stanza began, I began the forgiveness dance. Cleansing spirit breath was infused into my system and as the ground stomping intensified, I found my mind zapped into the body of a young elephant having a mud bath with older elephants. The ancestors were in the bodies of the bigger elephants and they rolled me around while blowing their trunks. I don’t speak spirit so I don’t know what this was all about.

As the second chorus arrived and Tabitha’s singing started casting spells, I returned to my body and the dancing climbed to a peak. The vigor of the stomping literally started a fire on the dancefloor as the song climaxed and the flames eventually consumed the scene.

The song ended, I came back to reality and realized it was drizzling. Wait, there’s no rain…just tears of joy at experiencing this good music.

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Written by Byagaba Roland (4)

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