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Mr President, you are right on Bobi Wine

Your Excellency, once again I thank you for the humility and democratic spirit that allows you to respond to people like Bobi Wine (Robert Kyagulanyi) that you would ignore without losing anything.

I hope he does not misconstrue your gesture to think that he is close to being a threat to you. You see, as you observed in your response to him, you are dealing with a generation of indisciplined young people.

Like snakes, they find it okay for the young and old to eat while lying down. It is clearly said that youths are the leaders of tomorrow, but I wonder what makes them behave like they don’t know that it is not yet tomorrow!

Bobi Wine is behaving like the proverbial calf that entered a kraal and peed in the drinking basin while at the same time jumping about and provocatively raising dung dust.

Being the bull in the kraal, you calmly reminded him that he is only a calf. I like the measured and civil language you used to engage with his true lies.

You see, as Nigerians say, it requires a lot of carefulness to kill a fly that perches on the scrotum. Otherwise, it might fly away laughing.

I also attended the said launch of the Nelson Mandela Lecture series at Makerere University where Bobi Wine made a fool of himself telling you nonsense that Mandela sacrificed a lot for South Africa but never developed a sense of exaggerated entitlement when he came to power, only serving one term.

As you observed in your article, such statements were a mark of indiscipline, ignorance and arrogance.

That’s why I liked it when, at the lecture, you responded by patiently taking us through the history of the world – about Egypt before Christ, Marco Polo, Vasco Da Gama, Mau Mau, Bachwezi – before hitting the nail in the waist that staying in power for a short time isn’t a good thing.

Such wisdom eludes the likes of Bobi Wine who only bleat that they need 21st-century solutions to 21st-century problems.

Obviously, as you observed in your response, Bobi is such a blatant liar that he should be too ashamed of himself to offer you advice.

In the 1980s, Bobi told us that the biggest problem of Africa are leaders who overstay in power; in 2001, he told us he was contesting for the last time; a few years back, he said that after 75, he wouldn’t stand again because one is not really fit at that age.

We have since proven that all these were lies by this bitter Wine. Yet, he still has the audacity to lecture you about integrity, Your Excellency! Let him first learn the virtue of keeping one’s word before he comes to tell you about sijui honesty.

The more he talks, the more he exposes himself. He self-defeatingly brings to life the old African Abirigaic adage that ‘no matter how far you urinate, the last drop always falls at your feet’.

I smiled in deep admiration of your wisdom when you reminded him, saying, “There is nothing we cannot answer because there is nothing we cannot address. Even when we underperform, it’s not for lack of knowledge, but for lack of means or lack of devotion by our cadres”.

Of course it’s not you, sir; it’s those damn corrupt and incompetent cadres who are kept in government by the likes of Bobi Wine. Again, it’s those cadres without devotion that want to sodomise the Constitution in broad daylight with the gagging support of the police and the military.

We know it can’t be you, considering what we know about your commitment to democracy, tolerance, and sober leadership.

In your response to this provocative boy, you brilliantly stated: “The age limit debate is starting. I will give my views at the right time. What is not acceptable, however, is intimidation and violence. Those are fascist methods. Let everybody speak his mind freely and without threats”.

Yes, you had never given your views about age limit until recently. Instead of waiting until you did, they were busy quoting out of context the things you said in the far past!

What you said was that “I don’t think someone (without a revolutionary background) can have the energy to lead after 75 years”. They deliberately leave out the crucial words in brackets! These are the ideologically malnourished saboteurs of progress.

They have been acting so violent and intolerant in this debate. You saw how violent they were the other day? Up to now, our NRM MPs are nursing injuries sustained from attacks by those brutes in parliament.

Some MPs are still hospitalized! Haven’t you seen the speaker visiting them? Did you see any opposition MP among the injured?

We have left them to freely demonstrate in expression of their opposition against removing age limits, but those undemocratic intolerant opposition fellows disperse all our processions in support of amending article 102b! And they expect you, a freedom fighter, to tolerate that fascism?

Thanks for assuring him how “We shall confront and defeat anybody who intimidates or threatens our peace”.

Nobody – I repeat – nobody can stop us from doing what we choose to do. The Constitution should be changed peacefully without any noise.

Whether the public likes it or not, they shouldn’t think they will stop up us from amending it, even if they throw grenades at our homes.

If they think they can stop us by chasing us away from their functions, they are mistaken. We shall arrange our own, and they will pay for them.

Bobi should stop treating politics like music where every now and again one has to release a song (audio). The president is too busy avoiding the debate yet you keep distracting him. Indiscipline!

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The author heads the Center for African Studies at Uganda Martyrs University, Nkozi. This article originally appeared on

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