#MovieTalk Wonder Woman is a dope ass flick!

The rumours are true, #WonderWoman is a dope ass flick! Can’t believe how sublime Gal Gadot is as Wonder Woman cos I remember when they first cast her, I was like, “Really? That skinny Latina from the ‘Fast & Furious’ movies?” Little did I know this former Miss Israel also served 2 years in the army, and last night I totally ate my words – she kicked ALL the ass, as did all the Amazonians. I couldn’t help imagining a “300 Spartans Vs The Amazonians” type crossover. It was a total joygasm to witness. Anyways, Gal was amazing, very believably badass yet bringing real humanity and curiosity to her character in a film partially shot in what I must assume is Paradise.

Interesting note: this is only director Patty Jenkins’ second film, the first being critically acclaimed serial killer flick “Monster” that earned Charlize Theron her Oscar 14 years ago. In between she’s done some Emmy-nominated work directing episodes of everything from “Arrested Development” to “The Killing”. I hope Ms Jenkins makes more movies cos she does a phenomenal job balancing the humor in the film with the savagery of war, and the action scenes here helped me understand the criticism of Zack Snyder’s DCEU films thus far (criticism I don’t agree with, but now understand).

To avoid spoilers, I won’t get into my issues with the third act but I will say, all through I kept imagining what this film could have been if they’d included even one woman on the 4-man writing team. Particularly for that third act.

Overall a great time at the movies. This summer needed a hit and the early numbers suggest this film’s gonna be a beast.

P.S: After the trailers but before the film, they showed -initially untitled- an intense 5-7 minute sequence from Chris Nolan’s upcoming WWII film “Dunkirk” and I don’t know how else to put it but HOLY FOCKEN SHIT!!


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Written by Rich Wagaba

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