#MuwadoLoveLetter #BREAKING: I have got JENIFER MUSISI’S SEX tape!!!

Good now that I have got your attention let’s talk…I am crying for those days when sex was still sex, when love was still love, when men were men and women were women, when virginity was still regarded a great endeavour non than old school style as regarded these days!. Still yawning for those days when you had bush-sex with no fear of being captured on camera, when girls feared to have sex when lights on, when sex was for sex but not for other any motives. GWADDAWA OGWO OMUKWANO GWEDDA?!
Technology has been poorly embraced by some people, we have misused it in many ways and I reach to an extent of thinking…atleast technology could have been for a certain class of people. But this trend of everyone being erudite of IT we find ourselves networking with the insane and blatant people! How could you film your sex actions with someone you claim to love and then share the tape with others?! This is stupidity of the highest order and being 100% naïve, Men and Women leaking these sex tapes naively think that they achieve what they want but in actual sense they lose more. It’s a sign of no respect to your children, parents, brothers and sisters and your friends who had respect in you. Unless when you grew up without being raised you can’t shamelessly share such stupidity to the public.
Desire, Juliana, Zari, Cindy, Sengo, Mubiru, Mweruka etc…what first impression do you get when you hear those names? What legacy will these people live? Some may be innocently blamed because they were betrayed by people they thought where in love with. But others did so because they wanted to be more famous! Embrace the good of technology by positively using it but not shamelessly doing what you will regret in future.


Written by Ssenyonga Godfrey (0)

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