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KWOBA MOSES for President MOBA – 2024-2026


Well knowing that I am standing to be elected as president of Mwiri Old Boy’s Association (MOBA), a candidacy that is premised on the grounds of a wholesome rebuild of Mwiri, allow me to again speak to you on what my administration, once elected, shall partake to continue to reclaim the Mwiri we all want.

First of all, a special thank you to the different individuals and cohorts (lately Solida and Atletico Muniga) for having challenged the rest of us by showing that when we come together as one, we can lobby and pool resources to effect the change we want for the school. It is said that the measure of a society is how it treats its most vulnerable; In a similar vein, the measure of an institution’s success lies not only in the achievements of its past and present but in the continued support and nurturing by those who have come before and those who will follow in their footsteps. As Mwirians, we possess a unique bond that transcends time and distance. We are united by the memories we’ve created, the knowledge we’ve gained, and the experiences that have shaped us into the individuals we are today. Yet, our responsibility to Mwiri extends far beyond our years spent at its terraces.

As we reflect on our shared experiences and celebrate the Mwiri legacy, it’s imperative that we also look towards the future and envision ways to enhance the opportunities available to current and future students. There are a number of areas that stand out for improvement at Mwiri and allow me delve into some of them;


There has been a concerted effort to improve on the housing of the students. Painting and replacing of asbestos roofs, fixing lavatories and bathrooms at all the 9 student houses as well as classrooms has been improved. What remains a hurdle is the issue of water supply and sanitation facilities as well as the teacher’s houses of residence. We cannot achieve the kind of academic excellence that we aspire to if we don’t take care of one of the most important components of that jigsaw. As president, I shall ensure that we bring back to life teachers’ houses that are abandoned and in cases if needed, construct new ones. If our teachers are to wholesomely prepare our students, they themselves need to be fully prepared. We also cannot attract the best teachers if they have to reside in rum-shackled buildings.


Mwiri is cricket and cricket is Mwiri. That, gentlemen, is an uncontested fact. But far from it, Mwiri has a rich tradition of sports excellence. From football, athletics, basketball, tennis, chess, rugby, volleyball to mention but a few, there are countless opportunities to harness once a student sets foot at the hill. What is disheartening is that the facilities to help students showcase their talents are in dire state and in order to continue nurturing this tradition and provide students with the best possible environment to thrive, we must invest in improving our sports infrastructure. As president, I intend to swiftly constitute a sports committee that shall extensively and actively engage all stakeholders with the aim of leveraging our collective resources, expertise and passion for sports. The committee shall also look at and analyze what we’ve termed as the MWIRI SPORTS MASTERPLAN. It is this plan and the ideas from the committee as well as the school’s sports agenda that we believe if executed to its fullness shall propel us to sports heights that we’ve enjoyed before and give us new winning moments to enjoy going forward. Improving our sports infrastructure is not just about building better facilities as it includes holistic development of students and fostering a culture of excellence, inclusivity and sustainability.


It is incumbent upon us as old boys to contribute to a positive academic environment that nurtures learning, fosters academic excellence, and ultimately leads to improved school grades and student success at Mwiri through actively engaging with the school administration and current students. It is worth noting the positive steps that have already been taken by the old boys by constituting within themselves a committee tasked with dealing with the academic aspects of the school. My administration shall endeavor to strengthen and streamline further the work of this committee to fully utilize especially the human resource available to us. We shall create a sustainable mentorship program for the current students through sharing experiences, offering guidance and encouraging the old boys to set up and run a scholarship fund and scholarship programs to support academically astute students who face financial constraints.

We shall engage extensively with different old boys and the different programs that they run in the area of availing educational resource material to the school. Allow me to acknowledge the efforts of Mr. Wataba Ngozi and the Hats and Shorts initiative in this field. Partnerships with such initiatives shall contribute educational resource material such as textbooks and even lobby financial donations to support academic programs and initiatives aimed at improving student learning outcomes. In addition to this, my administration intends to develop a strong advocacy system to exponent for policies and programs that prioritize academic excellence and student success. As I noted before, my administration shall demand and support the school administration in implementing initiatives aimed at improving teacher quality and curriculum development.

If we actively partake in the academic affairs of the school through supporting the school administration, we shall contribute towards creating a long-term academic environment that is geared towards fostering academic excellence and ultimately leading to improved school grades.


Almost everywhere around the world, there’s a Mwirian and Mwirians are proud of who they are. Promoting the Mwiri Spirit is a paramount component of my administration. Like has always been, the Mwiri spirit is about instilling a sense of pride, loyalty, and belonging among former and current students which is crucial for revitalizing the school’s identity and reputation thereby fostering a strong sense of solidarity among all of us. I would like to thank fellow Mwirians who have played a key role in coming up with initiatives that are aimed at bringing the alumni together. Mwiri League, Mwiri old boys house groups, groups of old boys in same profession among other are commendable initiatives and kudos to the brains behind them.

That notwithstanding, there is more to be done. As your president, I intend to harness all these initiatives into a single ‘foil’ where every Mwirian, young and old feels a belonging where their ideas and voices are welcome. The Mwirians in the diaspora should also have more of an input into the affairs of their school away from the annual get-togethers. As much as we harness the human resource of Mwirians from within the country, we ought to fully utilize those Mwirians that have crossed the borders of this country to tap into the fountain of wisdom and experience that they have attained. This is a critical component that my administration intends to undertake from day one.

As Mwirians, Upholding and preserving Mwiri’s rich history, legacy, culture and heritage is very key in as far as fostering a sense of continuity and identity across generations is concerned. It is therefore, our time to embody Mwiri’s values, aspirations, and collective spirit to serve as a bridge between the past, present, and future; by leveraging the passion, expertise, and resources of our vast alumni network.

As I seek for your mandate to lead you, I want to challenge each and every one of us to embrace our role as stewards of Mwiri’s future. Busoga College Mwiri is not merely a place of learning; it is a beacon of hope, a catalyst for change, and a sanctuary for those who seek knowledge and enlightenment. It is therefore incumbent upon each one of us to ensure that future generations have access to the same and even better opportunities that we were afforded; We have the power to make a meaningful impact on the lives of those who will walk the path we once traversed.

It is of utmost importance to not partake in Mwiri issues for personal glorification or for popularity but rather as a duty and responsibility that every Mwirian has. What I am asking of you is not just about giving back; it’s more about paying it forward. It’s about investing in the promise of tomorrow and empowering the leaders, innovators, and visionaries of the future. I call upon you to rise to the occasion and answer this call to action. Let you and I stand as beacons of hope, guardians of knowledge, and champions of progress.

As we draw closer to our Annual General Meeting on April 20th 2024, an auspicious occasion where, this year, we’ll gather to grant mandate to a new set of leaders, l urge you to cast your vote for me as MOBA president. I hope to steer you on a journey of transformation and renewal as we harness the power of our collective strength, wisdom and determination to shape a brighter tomorrow for Busoga College Mwiri – a place we all call home.

I thank you.


(Aspiring President MOBA – 2024-2026)


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Written by Kwoba Moses (1)

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  1. Old boys of Uganda’s traditional schools ought to get more involved in the affairs of their former schools, as we witness a sharp decline in academic performance of schools like BCM. Good luck Kwoba Moses.

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