#KiryaLive2013: How it went down according to #UOT

Maurice Kirya had a show last week on Thursday at the Kamapla Serena  that I somehow managed to miss because I thought it was on Friday. This was despite all the pre-show Social Media buzz and the billboards around town that had the correct date indicated. I know, I am an idiot! We can confidently confirm that now, stamp it and put it in my CV right next to my mad skills in accumulating dirty utensils.  Anywaaaayy, away from my thickness upstairs, Maurice Kirya did his thing, filled the room, sang bra and pantie removing music, made a MTV MA awards entry to the stage and basically rocked his fans. Rumor has it some fans hid inside the hall till the next morning because they thought they were going to have to pay more money while exiting since the entertainment value was like thrice the door charge.

Now, you might be wondering how I know all this considering I have just confessed I wasn’t there. Duh, I am from the planet Krypton and I have the ability to see through buildings. Yes, really! In addition to that, I am also extremely talented at following twitter trending topics, and embedding tweets. I therefore present how the show went down according to Ugandans on twitter using the hashtags #KiryaLive2013 and #KiryaLive

It starts…


Malaria?! That wouldn’t be much of a surprise though. Ugandan artists have strange creative juices when it comes to stage names.

Sound of Music.

There was a Kenyan chap nailing things. 

The man truly loves his fans.

The music inspired interesting words.



And some people where left with no option but to feed on saliva.

You mean you had some doubts?


There was some premature activity. People were not amused.

YES!! Countrywide tour Oyee! Hands up all those that second the motion.

For more epic pictures from the show, check out Maurice Kirya’s Facebook Page or follow his twitter account to stay updated on what other cool stuff he has cooking.


Written by Byagaba Roland

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