Kintu and Nambi; The Story of Creation #19

Continued from #18.

“This rock holds three intertwined futures.  One, our goal, contains the ability to pass on the greatest gift – life; along with hope and love; the potential for a life in the new world. The second supports the first; as a protector and steward of the new world; less powerful than the first, but very valuable for its existence. For the third however, we must fear: it comes with a thirst for peace, that will never be quenched, a longing for which there exists no fulfillment. With these three, a balance is struck in the new world, subtract any one, and the universe will tear apart. We must decide now, whether to keep this rock sealed, for the sake of keeping a potentially great evil at bay, or to break it open and give life to the new world we have unveiled; to see it grow and develop into something glorious,” Kibuuka concluded, glaring up at the circle of gods who just stared in awe.

The creature had came to be known as “Kintu” a name bestowed upon it to mean “thing”, similar to those powerless creatures on the ground below heaven; a frail thing that had become a burden to everyone of the tutors. He was swiftly deposited on the ground below, on the new earth, where other weaklings had been banished before. And that left two – whose future was yet to be revealed; one aggressive and sneaky enough to be considered a heroic asset to the heavens, “Walumbe”. The other graceful and elegant enough to melt any soul; a different form from any of the existing gods or creatures – her gestures elevated and magnified by her slender and smooth outlines; “Nambi”. Their lives were definitely intertwined; none could exist without the other; a life giver, a custodian and a taker. All that could be done was to train the two who showed potential, and hope for the best. Finally, Gulu got the extra he’d longed for; a pinch of drama added to the eating and celebration.

To be continued


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Written by The Muchwezi

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