Kintu and Nambi; The Second Task #17

CONTINUED FROM; The Second Task #16

By Faith Murket

She smiled to herself. Her brothers thought they controlled her but she was the only queen in this game.

Walumbe stared at Kintu as he sat on the desert floor. His weakness disgusted him yet Kintu seemed so content covered in his sweat. Every so often he would stick his hand in his armpit and use his sweat to cool his forehead. But even this disgusting human would not ruin Walumbe’s day. Nambi had come to see him! He had thought she only trusted Kayikuzi and that made him mad but she trusted him! His narrow chest started to swell at the thought. He had been angry, confined to his quarters thinking of which servants he could use to cool the rage he felt consuming him like a furnace after he had overheard Nambi ask Kayikuzi for help. And yet she had been there! In his room, in that dress he liked so much. 

She, had come to him!

Walumbe looked to his left and signaled to Musisi. It was time. His brother’s plan would work splendidly after all. Walumbe knew that torturing Kayikuzi to tell him of his plan wouldn’t work. After all, he too was a god. So, he threatened to burn his most prized possession. 

He would burn all the millet in the heavens and uproot whatever was left. Walumbe himself wasn’t sure if he would actually do it as their father loved millet as well, but he was a desperate god. The warring look in his brother’s eyes told him he had won. Kayikuzi told him of how he had intended to use holes. It was perfect. Now all he had to do was let this measly human in on the plan.

Kintu got up as Walumbe walked towards him this time spitting in his palms and using that to cool his neck. Walumbe wanted to throw up. The gods and demi-gods had started to gather round to watch the challenge.

“Human,” Walumbe called distastefully, “A friend and I will be ready to help you. 100 gourds of food and wine will be brought here shortly and as you have noticed there are hundreds of scorpions around here as well.” Walumbe stopped to see if his words had any impact on him but the silly creature just stared straight at him as his eyes squinted from the sun’s scorching rays.

You need to find a way to alert me and my friend whenever you are near the scorpions with a gourd of food or wine and we shall look after the rest”.  With that, Walumbe walked away.

Kintu smiled to himself. Oh, His sweet Nambi! She had come through for him. What a woman she was! Or rather, what a god! 

The gourds were brought in by the servants and Kintu was left alone. He was ready.

He started clapping his hands and singing as he dragged a gourd next to one of the scorpions then he added jumping to complement his song as well. Down below, Walumbe stood in one of his holes with Musisi. He could hear the human singing and felt his little feet when he jumped on the ground. That was his signal. The little creature was smart after all. Without a word Musisi walked toward the spot under which Kintu jumped and the earth shook.

Above ground. Kintu was a little phased. Was that an earthquake? All of a sudden the spot on the ground on which he had jumped gave way. He peered into the hole and found himself staring into Walumbe’s deadly eyes. He poured his food on the ground and pretended to eat as he pushed most of the food into the hole. He could feel the eyes of the gods and demi-gods on him. When the food in the first gourd was done he started to sing and clap again to signal to Walumbe. 

Walumbe heard the signal and started to close up the hole with Musisi.

“For our son, Nambi,” he promised himself, “for my son”.



Written by The Muchwezi

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