Kintu and Nambi; Kintu's Second Task #16

CONTINUED FROM; AN ALLY IN DDUNGU #16. Link in the comment section

By Faith Murket

It was the mustiness in the air that gave it away as Ddungu led Kayikuzi to the only desert in heaven. In spite of the frigidness of the desert night and the appearance of several gnats that were feasting on the uncovered parts of his body, he walked on unbothered, in nothing but loincloth. 

Kayikuzi was a god, which simply made him invicible to a lot of things, however, he was also royalty. He was not accustomed to discomfort. As the first born son he was the heir to the heavens and the earth. Night walks in the cold were not his cup of tea. Suddenly, Ddungu stopped and made clicking sounds. This was the moment. Kayikuzi held his breath. The tension in the air was so thick that a knife could cut through it. Walumbe was here.

Nambi lay in her chambers uneasy. Sleep had evaded her as unhindered thoughts ran through her tired mind. What was taking Kaikuzi so long? She had been expecting  word from him about how he would help Kintu. With a grimace, she sighed at the irony of her situation. She truly was a damsel in distress despite her great plot to escape the palace.

Her brows frowned as concentration took over her face. She needed an idea. Suddenly sitting up, her resolve stiffened, she had it. Only a fool stores all their eggs in one basket. She wouldn’t  leave her fate in the hands of only her eldest brother. Walumbe might be a mess but everyone has their uses.

She immediately called for her maids and ordered for her finest clothing to be brought. All so prim and proper she hated them. She longed to run around wild and free like the boys. She shook her head in an attempt to stop her thoughts from getting far. This was not the time. She finally settled on a floor length bark-cloth dress and changed into it. Her fingers tenderly ran over the material. She could feel it hug her thick buttocks and cover up her legs that she hated so much. There was nothing terribly wrong with them but she always thought they could be, well, better. The dress also easily exposed her back, teasing the eyes of the wanting. It was  just the way Walumbe would like it.

She smiled to herself. Her brothers thought they controlled her but she was the only queen in this game.

To be continued on 28th March

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