Darkness at Noon as Corona hits hard!

I want to appreciate all the efforts and contribution of patriotic Ugandans including heeding to guidelines by Ministry of Health in fighting this deadly virus that has introduced a new social syllabus that we are trying to adapt to! We have never been united and divided like this at the same time! (Physical division to stop the spread and spiritual unity to fight the virus) 

Without wasting time on the preamble, let me go directly to the darkness this virus has carried along with! 

One of the measures that various frontlines have endorsed and approved to be effective is Staying at home which cuts the spread chain of this dangerous virus! I salute all who have respected this measure, trust me it will keep you out of Corona equation! 

Today morning, I too decided to work from home like most of you, man it’s quite challenging! Well, I would not mind much about the loneliness but the price fluctuations of essentials!! Today the milk I used to buy 2000 has moved to 4000, Bread from 5000 to 8000, and for fruits it’s worse! What does this mean to most of Ugandans? I have honestly adjusted my stay in Kampala, soon my village Nyeibingo that never disappoints will welcome its last born before hunger finishes him off!!

Back to the survival question, I have seen various Governments trying to support citizens with incentives like pocket change, price fixation and legislation for essentials, easy access of security fund, cutting costs for basic services like water, electricity etc! What is ours doing on this very particular issue? 

The supply-demand curve is determining our fate and no one is bothered except the powerless citizens who are feeling the pinch! 


What do you think?

Written by Rukundo Paul Rwabihurwa

University Lecturer

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