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Kintu and Nambi; A Tender Farewell #29

Continued from; The Final Task #28

By Aine Susan

Kintu’s victories had won him a great load of love and admiration in the heavens. He’d come with nothing, in search of a lost cow, yet expected to return to earth in a few days; bearing riches beyond anything his mind could conjure up– highlighted by his greatest treasure: Nambi.

He’d discovered so much that all he could feel was an overwhelming desire to share his new-found knowledge with the earth. Every sense beneath his flesh was heightened. Nambi was not just an attractive woman anymore; as he held her hand in his, there, before her father, he longed for an untainted future with her, She’d become his heartbeat; his reason for living.

He stared straight at Gulu’s awestruck face, wondering what trick the god had up his sleeve this time. His grip on Nambi’s hand tightened, as though to make sure she was still close enough to feel – in case anyone tried to separate them. A nudge at his arm forced him to face her. The moonlight showered her beauty with sparks that set his soul ablaze.

“You must leave; now,” Gulu croaked, holding back his distress. “I’ve sent Walumbe off on an ‘errand’, but it won’t be long before he gets back.”

“Father!” Nambi whimpered, holding back her tears. She couldn’t believe her father had given in to her pleas. 

The old man stood up to walk towards his child. He towered over them like a shadow. Nambi pulled herself away from her love, to run into her father’s arms – something she felt was long overdue. 

“My child,” he whispered, stroking her hair. Kintu turned and walked ahead, leaving the two to their farewells.

“I know you’ll be happy. A man wouldn’t go through all this without perseverance, hard work and wit. He’ll give you the one thing I couldn’t: a real family.”

“And… he loves me,” Nambi smiled, forcing a chuckle out of Gulu.

“Don’t hold this against us. We all treasure you.”

“Father,” she cried.

“Go,” he said, turning her in Kintu’s direction.

She felt her heart race, as she rushed to catch up with him. She had so much to gather before she could start her new life. Admittedly, earth had very little of quality. She longed to share so much with Kintu. 

Kayikuzi got to the palace gates, after the usual summon, to find Kintu and Nambi giggling with excitement on their way out; hardly noticing him. 

“Hurry in, son,” Gulu bellowed at his throne.

He ran in, taken aback by his Father’s mention of the word –‘son’. He could tell that there was a storm brewing in the heavens. For some reason, every sense he owned was tense. 

“Where is Walumbe?” Kayikuzi could always tell Gulu’s mood when the ‘unfortunate son’ was involved. 

“You must protect your sister: at all costs she will be the mother of a nation: a race that will conquer so many cultures and welcome an advanced era into that territory.”

“I understand,” Kayikuzi sighed.

“I sent him on a pseudo quest to figure out a way to mess Kintu up with another task. You know how much time he puts into destruction. I need you to keep your distance though: you know how defensive  your sister gets about being supervised.”

“The rainbow will arc soon. I’ll watch over them there.”

To be continued next week on Wednesday…the beginning of the end

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