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Ki Love Lavu Podcast 02 – Love Languages and Zodiac Signs

Building loving relationships has been shown to improve depression, anxiety, and other mental illnesses. Everyone deserves to have good mental health, be supported and loved. For those who are struggling with their mental health, reaching out and seeking help is a sign of tremendous strength – not a weakness.

This podcast is meant to share the positive effects of love on mental health in African culture and provide guidance on how Africans can support their own path towards being intentional about using healthy coping techniques to deal with the daily challenges and stresses of life.

In this episode, Richard Iyans and the African Love doctors talk about the best way to out the rhythms of an African heart’s song. What are examples of African Love Languages? In this podcast, we discuss how Africans typically express love and how a better understanding of our love languages can help friends, besties, couples, and colleagues to communicate better.

We then do a deep dive into the subject of mental health and how people seek a better understanding of their personalities and the people around them through Zodiac Signs. 

Mental health is largely taboo in Africa. If someone falls ill, the entire family is seen as cursed. No one is allowed to feel sad or depressed; rather they should “pray about it” as the ONLY source of healing. 

For many Africans who grow up in the church or with a strong religious background, astrology is often seen as dangerous because of its ties to superstition. While religion is a very powerful tool to understand the world around you, many Africans of the younger generation are skeptical of the lessons that have been passed down through the “colonizer’s religion”.

They feel a strong urge to find a community that accept them and don’t shame them. Religious beliefs and lack of exposure and knowledge of astrology and its relevance within African history plays a huge role in Africans being reluctant to embrace astrology. However, these practices are starting to become further accepted as mainstream culture are creating and running healing spaces for Africans all over the world.

FUN FACT: While European cultures are usually credited with creating astrology, Walker says the practice dates back to ancient African civilisation, specifically the Dogon, a tribe of Egyptian descent whose astrological awareness dates back to 3200 B.C

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Special Guest Psychologist is @hazel_muriro of mindful_uganda

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