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Through our potholes we speak

Through our potholes we breathe

Through our potholes we see

As if iron sheets were not enough

As if Locusts were not enough

As if COVID-19 was not enough

We laugh to remember

We are not enough

With nothing enough

As if enough is nothing

For ever and ever

We need prayers

Our progress has been pocketed.

Through our potholes we swim

Through our potholes we fish

Through our potholes we dance

The complications of how we walk

The way the deputy speaker spoke!

Turn your senses towards him!

That bystander on the headline of the news

Burn your incense towards him

Who opened his pothole to demonstrate

The state of our potholes

It is him! I saw him with my eyes

Wide like dead fish above a road of a pond

Calling all shapes of holes to order

We need prayers

Our progress has been kidnapped

As if valley dams were not enough

As if GAVI FUNDS were not enough

As if ghost pensioners were not enough

The speaker’s mouth became that pothole

I saw on Twitter swallowing pothole

After pothole in another pothole

Wet, dry, small, large, deep, shallow

But me who uses a bicycle

What am I doing discussing

Issues of generals?

Let me keep my pothole shut

Before my mouth is hijacked!

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Written by Kagayi Ngobi (1)

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