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Jumia Travel Black Friday Is Happening Soon! Here’s How You Can Get Best Out of It…

It is the season when everyone is looking for a good travel deal to get away during the Christmas season especially those that get very cold skin biting weather during this time of the year.

There is a chance of you scoring the internet looking for the most perfect packages that will suite your travel needs or maybe asking around for Christmas promotions that will not leave your bank account wanting in January.

It’s important that you do not look past Jumia Travel’s Black Friday deals,  just go onto the website and find one that suits you with over 50% off your hotel bookings on the site.

Here are some of our tips to get through the black friday shopping rush.


Everything starts with proper planning and before you jump into constantly clicking the “add to cart” button or breezing through every facility that has huge discounts off most of what they offer, write down and set reminders of everything you want to do through the Black Friday season.


This has to be the most important part of Black Friday and should be added to your list in bold letters. You should not spend more than you can afford or you might end up running bankrupt before Christmas starts and that’s no way to spend the jolly season.

Compare and Contrast

You do not know how important it is to do research about the different offers on the market until you are stuck with a very expensive but not as good travel package yet there are other better affordable ones available. Look online and compare the packages available on the site and “sleep on it” before you book.

Self Control

Being that everywhere you look you will find very good and attractive discounts throughout the 12 days, you might need to summon all the self control you have in you. Do not run for every attractive deal you see, calm your shopping fingers down and think about why you might need it and how many others you will find out there.

Other than that, you should use the Black Friday season to get yourself some of the best travel deals you can find before the Christmas season, where it gets very hard to get affordable ones then.

Now, what are you waiting for? Go on and get yourself some cheap deals of the season.



Written by Ev Lyn

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