Juicy Lucy

Is it your smile?

The passion in your eyes?

Your glowing plum essence?

Or the rolling of ur eyes?

Is it the feeling of danger?

The soft shiver down my spine

God save my soul

I know not what seems to be sublime

Her blood thirsty eyes seem to pierce through my lies

I can’t seem to find justification for the way she makes me feel

Come darling she cries

Your home shall now be mine

Now now, don’t be shy

Your heart has tossed the die, your breathe shall now be mine

Alas and behold

I beg, don’t hesitate

She’s got that gorgeous booty

Firm lips that make you wuzzy

Just go ahead brother, you need some juicy Lucy

Wait, wait, who are you again?

Don’t you remember me?

Shut up boy, You know we need that pussy

The click is ticking

My brain is going wuzzy…

My pants are bleeding

No I don’t want juicy Lucy

It lasted seconds, no barely a millisecond

My life is broken

No heart, no brain, am broken

Guess I’ll have to check on Lucy

I hear we now have 2 kids

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Written by Mugabe Victor (0)

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