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It was in your eyes. 

Your big brown intelligent eyes

 And the way they looked at me that August night

 It was the first time I saw you. It was Arinda’s birthday party 

You were the birthday boy (Arinda’s boyfriend) and I was the best friend

 But we could not stop staring at each other; no matter how much we tried to! 

It was your words 

Your sweet witty words

 It was your words that enchanted me 

The mix of humor and eloquence that laid a road map to your soul and had me falling hard so first even when I didn’t mean to

 Because when I saw you again two weeks later

 You were picking Arinda from my place for a movie night

 I opened the door for you. 

You looked at me

 I looked at you

 I blushed 

You smiled

 “I would like to take you out on a date sometime” you whispered 

“Are you really that type of guy?” I laughed

 “I will be that type guy if it means that I get to take you out” you said

 It was your touch, your arms, your shoulders 

And the way I felt every time you had your arms around me 

I remember the first time we were together alone 

You said you had to drop a couple of things Arinda had left at your place 

So I let you into our apartment. 

We stood looking at each other

 You took one step towards me, I said “Don’t” 

You said all you wanted to do was hold me in your arms 

So I let you! You put your arms around me.

 I died! 

You breathed down my neck.

 I lived! You kissed me

 I died!

 I died because in your arms, I was betraying my best friend. 

I lived because in your arms; in your big beautiful arms, my body felt things I never thought it was capable of feeling.

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