Ife´s Fusion Party

Ife´s Fusion Party is a monthly event that happens the 2nd Friday of every month at Tilapia Centre in Bunga, opposite the market. The next one is on Friday 8th February from 8 pm.  It is a blend of original compositions and freestyles with invited musicians. Entry is Free and the DJ on the nite is Afro Oono.

We got in touch with Ife Piankhi, the organizer and brainchild of the event, to give us some more details on what to expect once you are there and what she intends to achieve with these events.

Tell us a bit more about the monthly Ife’s Fusion Party

The Fusion Party is a night dedicated to Live performance and freestyle, So I work with instrumentalists either as a 5 piece band or just acoustic traditional instruments. I invite artists whose work I like to freestyle with me. However, what’s most important about the night is the majority of what you hear is original work composed by me and guest artists.

What inspired you to come up with events and what do you hope to achieve with them?

I create events because I have more control over how they run. When you’re invited to perform on other peoples platforms you don’t get the chance to say much about what you’d like to see. This way I get to develop a concept for a night and grow it, which is empowering for me.

I’ve learned that in order to be seen I have to create the opportunities to share what I do creatively.
I also create events because when I arrived in Kampala I noticed there weren’t many platforms for up and coming artists apart from Jam sessions. So from my perspective as an artist of some 25 years of experience, I thought it necessary to create platforms for the development of skill and creativity.

I think good stage presence is something that can be developed through practice so the quality of content and delivery is improved. I’m very concerned with producing quality creative events that inspire and challenge the audience and artist. That’s why for the past two years I’ve been on the artist committee for Laba Street Art Festival and will continue to develop different activities around Kampala for 2013 because its important for the creative industry to grow in an ethical and professional manner.

Any major highlights since you started?

A highlight for me was definitely the Nneka concert where I performed with Keko, Irene, Tshila and MC Flower. I think I was instrumental in galvanizing this group to collaborate and create something that was very enjoyable for us, the audience and Nneka.  I came back to Africa in order to make a positive contribution to the new generation of African artists by sharing my skills and musical expression. Returning to African is a dream come true and I feel truly blessed to be here, sharing my music.

For a person who is thinking of checking out your event, what kind of mindset would you advise them to come with?

I would encourage anyone who is interested in attending my events to be open to trying new things because my perspective on life is not a mainstream one. I believe in the power of love, creativity and reciprocity. So be prepared to listen, participate and learn something new. My nights are not about bling, or status but authenticity.

We at wish you well and we shall definitely be there for the next Fusion Party.

For more on Ife, you can check out her SoundCloud for her music and like her Facebook page below to keep updated on what she is up to.


Written by Byagaba Roland

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