I am the perpetrator but your victim in the end – I play my cards right.

I was taking deliberate rest from my keyboard when I was attacked by rumours of people “losing their jobs” because of the scandals they have caused. If it was up to me, predators would be killed the moment they are proven guilty but well, the law has always been my constraint.

A particular Mr. Man came up to express that he has lost a job because of the allegations I was making in my writing. Another “woman of valor” came out to say that my calling their poetry group “lesbians” is putting them in a tight position with the law because of Uganda’s policy about gender. But you see, it is so interesting how perpetrators will find every reason to be the victims in the end. My firm response is that if it is indeed an allegation, this gentleman and woman should come up with proof and yes, I will have my lawyer in the room to ensure that everyone including myself gets justice. But also, this is a typical case of cowardice because riyale, my articles have not mentioned names not even groups. I choose to let the shoe fit any Cinderella who may have left their shoe at the ball, and this, I do unapologetically.

There is this particular one who threatened to use the law…hahhahaha Mr. Gotoma, you cannot afford a bottle of club at social events and you think you can afford a lawyer? You are bluffing!! But he does this every other time. No wonder the association he vice chairs is not legally registered.

Moving on, my weekend was a splendid one. I got tea about the sexual harrassment campaign. Now, like I mentioned in my first article, it is a phase that the poetry arena in Uganda is going through at the moment. This campaign is supposed to have students speak about their experiences and make a statement about the need to end sexual harrassment in schools – a noble act. However, one can’t help but question the authenticity of this campaign if some of the people leading it have been perpetrators of the same vice and have not come out to speak about it with their victims or those they led into getting victimized.

What happens if I am a victim of the same person screaming out their lungs for the campaign to happen? Now, tea is very sweet and I usually prefer mine with honey because then, bees can come around and I will listen to more than I can drink. So, apparently, the former diabetic poet, the one who was affiliated to some ghost UK poetry house, the one who used not to pay fellow creatives is affiliated to this campaign. But how has the devil become this courageous? Someone asked me why the campaign was allowing itself to be associated with him but well, I chose to sip my tea before it got cold.

It is also so disturbing how while we fight for women and ladies and keep making it look like they are being lured into these traps, some of them are willingly going for sexual engagements and then come out to speak against their supposed perpetrators after they realize that every girl was chewed by this guy and they are not as special as they think they are. Fear women! There are gentlemen that have come out to confess that these girls accepted their advances and allowed them to meet and said they were willing to do anything. Anything!! Some have even been reported as lazy to do the hard work and so if sex will put them in the papers, then why not? It is so disgraceful to learn this and on our next venture, we shall definitely have some representatives detailed.

I remain bansi@bansi.

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