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How the Coronavirus Cost Me a Gig

I had just secured a job at a nearby primary school as a teacher of Mathematics and Social studies. I was excited about my new job because it gave me the chance to interact with children.

And then, BOOM! Lockdown. Close all schools and stay at home. Now, everybody is talking about the Coronavirus.

I was disappointed because I would miss out on this experience, not to mention the pay that I would have earned from the work. I had planned to do this work alongside the Boundless Minds programme, where we were doing training on work-readiness and got the opportunity to volunteer.

The skills I had attained at Boundless would have been useful in helping me to teach children at this new gig. I had acquired these skills through the volunteer service placement under Boundless Minds, working with children at Mbuya Parents School.

I miss all these activities and I just can’t wait for this lockdown to end.

When this is over, we should probably expect a movie from Marvel or DC on this pandemic and I guess that will lead to birth of a new superhero. In the meantime, wash your hands and take care, because after the “End Game”, the scriptwriters will probably be working on a new movie. So let’s stay alive.

By Mark Peter Ssegirinya

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