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How rock stars are born.

The jamas couldn’t seriously be doing this, Charles thought as the sound of other musical instruments grew louder to compliment his guitar strumming in the labor ward.

He’d had to flee from his band’s performance that night when his sister in law called to tell him his wife’s water had broken and they were rushing her to the hospital to give birth to their first child.

Upon reaching there, he’d assumed his position next to her, held her hand to comfort her and was rewarded with a squeeze that had him yelling out in pain almost as loud as her and convinced she’d broken a few fingers.

Baby, I still need to make money for our expanding family so let’s not damage my playing hand, aye? James said to her.

She gave him a wearily nod and replied, Play me something then.

He’d been playing his guitar since then as she discovered new levels of pain with each contraction and now, as the doctor had just started telling her to push, his bandmates had decided to make their dramatic entrance.

They’d joked about something like this one random night when they’d come to check on his wife when the pregnancy was midway. He hadn’t expected them to actually go through with it, those idiots.

He exchanged a WTF look with his wife followed by an oh-well shrug. When life gives you juvenile friends…

The pushing calls, his wife’s screaming, and the music crescendoed together as the babies head began to emerge. It closed off the performance with a wail as the rest of it popped out and the umbilical cord was cut off to loud handclaps by the crowd that had gathered to see what was going on.

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